Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big Ass Booty - Whats The Big Deal?

In the division of this "booty" an exceptionally large part goes to countries which do not always stand at the top of the list in the rapidity of the development of their productive forces.
Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, The Lenin Anthology, p.250

It has come as great shock, and all in, a bit of a downer, that one of the leading search words and phrases to my highly literate blog is that of Big Ass Booty. This was all accidentally caused by the creation of the blog post entitled Big Booty in Muskoka, which was about certain political goings on here in Canada. And due to that one stock image, it has become one of the Oracle of Ottawas top ten pieces. The Oracle of Ottawa had no idea that there was and exists such a world wide shortage of Big Ass Booty. Especially it seems in the Islamic World at the time of this writing. What is up with that?

Venus of Willendorf

One of the second close search phrases to this blog is Big Ass Chinese Booty. But the Oracle of Ottawa reflecting on his long past experience knows that there is no such thing. China is a no booty empire, every straight man in the Western World knows that, don't they? But as a public service, the Oracle of Ottawa has done some easy and elementary research into the origins of big ass booty. The results of course are most interesting and educational.

China -The no booty empire...

The Mother of all big ass booty is the Venus of Willendorf. It was found in the village of Willendorf around 1908, which is in Austria and now resides in a natural history museum in Austria. It is of no surprise to the Oracle of Ottawa that all German speaking peoples love their big ass booty. This preoccupation with big ass booty has been going on for the longest time. It is estimated that the age of the Venus of Willendorf is between 22,000 to 24,000 years old! Yes indeed, the white Aryan peoples have had a very long obsession with their booty. And it seems that in the modern world of today that all the other peoples are desperately attempting to catch up with us. No doubt having discovered via the internet of the satanic empires just what the hell they have been missing.

Of course the origin of this attraction is of course the psychoanalytic concept of the Mother Goddess which represents motherhood, fertility, creation (i.e. yours..) and the endless bounty of the earth, especially those peoples that live in the north and western parts of it. Ironically this was all discovered and was deeply researched and written up by another German speaking dude by the name of Carl Jung. He identified big ass booty as one of the most important archetypes known to all reasonable fun loving men. Das gut...

In closing the Oracle of Ottawa must admit that after a long and most fun search there is no such thing as big ass Chinese booty. In Asia if you want big ass booty you must go to Japan (ironic isn't it?) or the Philippines.
And that footage is easy as hell to find. The Oracle of Ottawa has included a clip that he somewhat enjoyed in passing. And when you finally get it out of your system for a little while you might want to explore my other blog posts. But be careful, you might learn something....

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