Sunday, September 15, 2013

Milos Raonic Loves Canada?

The most painful moments are not those we spend with uninteresting people; rather, they are those spent with uninteresting people trying hard to be interesting. 
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p. 11

It was a Friday night in the August just passed that the Oracle of Ottawa was really looking forward to watching the Oakland Athletics at the Toronto Blue Jays in Rogers Centre. It would no doubt be very nearly sold out, that is over 40,000 people were going to be there to see the awesome low dollar team of Money Ball. (Not to mention the millions of Canadians from coast to coast that would be watching on television...) Immortalized by the great writer Micheal Lewis. The Montreal Cup tennis crap was also happening at the same time, but the Oracle of Ottawa was confident that with his cable package from Rogers Communications which has 5 Sportsnet channels, that surely they would step down and allow the baseball to be shown. Especially since Rogers Communications owns the Toronto Blue Jays!

Milos Raonic - Canadian or tax dodging fraud?
 But Dear Reader it was not to be. It was tennis on every channel, the same crap on all five channels at the same time. The Oracle of Ottawa was livid. A call was placed to Rogers and after about 15 minutes, the Oracle of Ottawa was told by something with a thick East Indian accent that "Sir, you cannot complain"!! I then asked for a number at head office with someone in programming and / or content and again the Oracle of Ottawa was told; "I am so sorry Sir, you can't complain". You can't make crap like this up. And for anyone reading this from Canada, that has Rogers for cable knows the Oracle is telling the truth.

 Canada has never been, is not now, and will never be in the future a tennis superpower. Tennis is for the 1% of the New World Order. As a rule of thumb, any sport that can be watched from a "verandah" is pretty much a wipe out in Canada. That also explains why we suck as a nation at golf, cricket and tennis. But why would Rogers cut the nose off their face and lose all that advertising revenue from MLB? Tennis is not a spectator sport. If it was, the Center Court at Wimbleton would have more than 11,000 seats wouldn't it?
And that endless flogging of this character Milos Raonic, that claims to be a Canadian, but speaks English like a country club gigolo. What is up with this insanity? The Oracle of Ottawa has decided to investigate.    

Brett Lawrie - A real Canadian sports Star!!
  The Oracle of Ottawa was just floored at all the neat stuff that he has found out. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link to the information. First, Milos Roanic is not a native born Canadian. (He is the spawn of economic migrants.) He was not even born in Canada, he was born in Titograd, Montenegro, formally Yugoslavia! Of which you can be sure he has a passport to. Yet Rogers sells him to us as a "real Canadian". To the Oracle of Ottawa, a real Canadian sports star at present is Brett Lawrie, who was actually born in Canada and lives in Canada as much as he can, no matter how much money he makes. 

 Second: Milos Roanic seems only to live in Canada when Rogers ponys up the money for him to pass himself off as a "Real Canadian". Otherwise he stays at his present home in Monaco! Which is a pimple of a tax haven on the arse of France.  Can you believe this avarice? How come Rogers does not tell that to the Canadian people in the endless Raonic ads? Why doesn't Rogers tell the truth and admit that Milos Raonic is simply a Canadian of convenience?

Third: Milos Roanic's siblings really do believe in Canada. That is why they have left it to return to their "home" country. 

Fourth: Mols Roanic has a hard serve! That is like a young baseball pitcher that can throw a one hundred mile an hour fast ball. Both are essentially useless, if you cannot control them.

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, .....

Fifth: Milos Raonic has earned $3,006,227 in prize money since turning pro in 2008. The Oracle of Ottawa can only say that it all has hardly been worth all the trouble, perhaps Milos should have tried baseball as a kid...

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