Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oslo, Norway - The Global Right Wing Goes All In

The forces of the nineteenth century have run their course and are exhausted. 
John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace,  Chapter VII, p. 254

The Oracle of Ottawa saw the first images of the Oslo blast on the BBC and felt strange and weird right away. While my wife and Sun News TV were screaming "Those damn Muslims!" The Oracle of Ottawa held his tongue, the fingerprints of an Islamic attack were missing, it all wasn't right! The perfect placement of the device and the missing follow up detonations, made the Oracle of Ottawa very nervous.. This is somebody else, this is different, but  who? Why?

Anders Behring Breivik - Acted Alone...

The Oracle of Ottawa warned about upcoming strange things to come in a post to this blog entitled "President Obama Caps bin Laden..., at the time of writing I had no idea that it would all get so outrageously vicious. The sheer veracity of it all is simply stunning! The weirdness I predicted was already acting itself out, when the 2011 Bilderberg Group meeting was, from all reports, very scarce in leaders of state! No one from the Canadian government or the Canadian central bank attended. Our fearless leader who never misses a Bilderberg Group hoedown held a Conservative Party Convention on the same weekend! Don't you think it is weird that all the government types skipped this years meeting? Why it all reminds the Oracle of Ottawa of a certain ethnic group that did not report to the World Trade Center towers on 9/11! Is that a wicked coincidence or what? All the "truthers" will be in a frenzy now, and rightly so!

Lee Harvey Oswald - Acted Alone...
What bothers the Oracle of Ottawa the most is that he has very pleasant memories of Norway from his wild and misspent but highly coveted youth, of which a goodly part was spent in the Canadian Navy way back in the 1980's! It was the good ship HMCS Fraser that got me to Norway. We got ashore in Bergen and Hammerfest. When the Norwegian Prime Minister appeared with a statement on the BBC that Norway is a very special place, well, it is not another case of a politician just blowing smoke! Norway is a paradise! Of all the countries that I have been to, Norway is what I would like Canada to copy! To this very day I will argue that it is the Norwegian system for me, to anyone who will listen! Ahhh! The answer has just presented itself!

Bergen, Norway - True! Norway is a paradise!!

Ever since the death of bin Laden and the capture of his treasure trove of data in the pile of laptops, hard drives, CD-Roms and countless flash memory sticks, the lads in Langley have been really busy. Among a great many things discovered is the shocking fact that bin Laden had very good connections to the highest cheer leaders of the Global Right Wing Agenda! There was and is no time being wasted! Note how the so called "phone hacking" scandal just seemed to break wide open after Easter! Then the annual Bilderberg Group meeting that no one showed up for... The rape of Greece that did not go at all smooth. The increasing ferocity of the "Arab Spring". It just seemed to this author that the right wing agenda is being foiled at every turn with extremely good information. And we have not even mentioned the slow strangle of the Republicans in the United States. The President seems to have very good and timely intelligence indeed!

So now we can begin to understand why the right wing has gone "all in" on Norway. If you want to really piss a right winger off anywhere in the world let him toss the standard pitch of the benefits of unrestrained capitalism just like the old days of no trade unions, of no social services and on and on... Then they will try to smirk you down by giving you the opportunity argue back. And my Norway argument wins every time! And God do they ever hate to be destroyed by a perfectly sourced example! Their faces go white with rage! The tail is securely fastened between their legs and they are gone in a smoking huff!

Now of course the "agent" that appeared to single handedly shock a great nation with his barbarous acts, acted all alone! Have you heard that one before? A guy that owns a little hobby farm somehow managed to cache up six freaking tons of Ammonium Nitrate! Heads are going to roll here and I say let'em roll! What happened here in Norway was an attack of the Right for the sole attempt and purpose to destroy the one great embarrassing exception to the global right wing conspiracy to reduce us all to the Third World. I would advise all the countries of Scandinavia to be on alert. And the same goes for all the posh members of the European Union. The Right is in its death rattle, and it is going all in.

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