Monday, July 25, 2011

Can The Canadian Left Catch A Break?

In a nutshell, souls are certain, bodies are doubtful, so the soul is distinct from the body.
Simon Blackburn, Think, p. 29

After today the oracle of Ottawa has to wonder if Pierre Berton was totally correct in putting forward the idea that 1967 was the last good year in Canada. Although The Oracle of Ottawa was just a kid back then, he still remembers the 1960's very well. Upon much reflection, especially as of late, it was this period of time that caught the Canadian ideal and dream perfectly. Everything and most every one was going forward. The possibilities and the realization that they were real and would be obtained seemed to have a hold on every one of all generations. Things would incrementally continue to improve at an ever increasing rate. Why, at the coming of the 21st century, hardly anyone would be working five days a week! The retirement age would surely be 55! And it was a given shared among one and all adults that dying from cancer would be only a memory of which us youngsters would be the last generation to have even heard of such a thing.

Jack Layton - Some people still "get" Canada

How the hell did we fuck it up? Well after much thought and reflection I have come to the conclusion that what did us in was the lowering of corporate tax rates. Back when I was a kid the corporate tax rate was 40%. For the life of me I can not recall one corporation leaving Canada for greener pastures for the reason that Canadian taxes were to high. As we gradually lowered the rates we gave the dream and our futures away. It was a slow gradual process. Now the Oracle of Ottawa is watching the next generation really get the shaft!

These kids have been so brainwashed by the marketers and the fart catchers the Oracle fears they are like the dream lost forever. This sure is hell not the Canada I hoped to grow old in. And today the only hope we really had, has in the words of an Alberta rancher "gone a downer" on us. Lets face it the Conservatives will now have full reign on the agenda. All of the old Canada that we have ever known will soon be gone. The Senate is history, The Governor General will be replaced by the position (elected?) of Head Greeter! Welcome y'all, welcome to Canada, do you need a shopping cart? Mind the Mounty on his horse...

Boethius - The Consolation of Philosophy

Yes I have to admit old Jack Layton really floored me today. He didn't have to open his mouth. I have seen this all before. If there is a pool any where, and I am sure there is, put me down for aggressive lymphoma. What I can not understand is how a guy that lived like a boy scout all his life could come down with this shit!
The one person in my lifetime that looked just like this and sounded just like Jack sounded today was an ex-airborne, diesel mechanic, two pack a day smok'in, two fisted drinking jovial guy who I still miss and think about often. We all knew it wouldn't end good, it was all just a question of when.   

All we can do now is push on and hope for the best.
Tack the sails for home,
in the hope of a relaxed and deserved rest...

A tune from the days when Jack was seeing all of Canada...

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