Wednesday, July 13, 2011

U.S. "Debt Crisis" - Mr. President, Drive Through That Wall! -

Unlike every other nation in the world, the United States defines itself as a hypothesis and constitutes itself as an argument.
Lewis H. Lapham, Waiting For The Barbarians, Time Lines,  p. 64

What else do "We the people" have left to lose? There is no more middle class. Civil liberties are only a mere shadow of the past. We have all been harvested by various financial institutions deemed too big to fail. All there is to look forward to is a minimum wage job at Walmart, that is, if we don't deal away minimum wage legislation in this most recent "crisis". So you have to come to realize that this latest bit of right-wing intransigence is really just the kill shot to the head of what remains of the American Dream.

"I have so had it with the Republicans!"

What the President seems to not realize is that by showing good faith, patience, and benevolence, he is playing directly into the hands of the right wing playbook! This is the standard operating procedure of the Bilderberg Group controlled right wing! Just ask anyone who has dealt with "Human Resources" at any big modern employer! They count on your good character to exploit you! They make all the demands and you are required to submit to them. When you expect a little reciprocation this is when the kick to the head comes in the form of the second wave of even more insane demands, this is what passes as negotiation today. I can only hope that the President gets wise and starts to see through the game plan.

President Obama has to break the moron Right Wing for ever. He has to humiliate them so bad and destroy them so completely that they will never be a threat to the peace and order of the United States and the rest of the free world ever again! The right must be shown how important government is. With the Social Security checks a little adrift it will be amazing how quickly and how bad the Teas Party numbers will drop! Bubba has to learn who is the boss. Just like Donald Trump learned that Hawaii is a State! 

The President has to handle the Republican Party like Osama bin Laden! You have to get them where they live! Ask your self dear citizen, who has the most to lose after August 2nd, if America "defaults" and loses a knick or two off the old credit rating? Is it going to be Main Street or Wall Street? That's right! It will be the money grubbing, next dollar at any cost, bottom feeding, soul destroying, pocket raping, pin stripped clad, knee crawling cock-sucker! 

Hard ball at home would be very welcome in Canada!

For all the ordinary people of the United States and all the ordinary people of the civilized world the inconvenience will be minor and short lived. Why, hell, my portfolio was down over 40% in 2008! And I got it all back and way more, thank you Valeant! But the effect on the American ruling class elite will be fatal and forever! And at the end of the day it will be all to the Greater Good!

What the President should do is create a set of full and complete demands. Borrow every page from the play book of Abraham Lincoln through to FDR! For desert, throw in all the demands of Hunter S. Thompson for good and reliable measure! And then add all the requirements that he knows he will need for the new America. The America that our fathers dreamed of and tell the Republicans to come back in agreement on August 14, 2011.

The old, tired, cowboy crap is over. There is no more unexploited frontier. You will not be allowed to be a robber baron. That is yesterday and it is over forever! Adjust.
What America has to do now is realize that it has one inexhaustible resource that will carry it through all the future that it can conceive of, harvestable forever. The unrealized potential of all its citizens!!

You never have to chase a Republican! They will screw up perfectly by themselves every time!

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