Monday, July 18, 2011

Screw Management! - We Need Professional Thinking!

The fault is in the system and not in the men. 
Peter DruckerManagement: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, Part 1, Chapter 12,  p.140

Great revelations occur to a man that manages to live for over half a century. Especially if he has half a brain and is willing to think for himself. One of the most important lessons that you learn from dangerous periods and binges of self reflection is that all the real money comes not from "working" but from thinking! And the Oracle of Ottawa has learned this early and often and hence is now free to write this blog for many years to come without having to worry about lunch.

How philosophy gets done...

With all the goings on and daily revelations of stupidity and incompetence mixed with out and out corruption it will be amazing if this staggering fuck-pile of a planet will survive this year, let alone 2012! But how did it all come to this? How is that the largest media empire on earth is imploding in reverse to its minor and constituent parts in a mere blink of an eye? How is it that the greatest nation states are collapsing not from attack without, but yet, rot and indifference borne from ignorance from within? How can we allow this to happen to Western Civilization? Hell, and that is only just yesterdays news....

Management is simply applied philosophy! And don't say the Oracle of Ottawa never gave you anything! How well funded was the faculty of philosophy at the school you went to? Are you practising a profession and have never taken even one philosophy course? Or even read one book on why philosophy is important? Are you wondering why your life and career is a mess? Or worse case scenario, are you fearing and otherwise pondering public exposure and legal indictment? Maybe the liberal arts aren't such a joke after all!

When the Oracle of Ottawa watch's his television and reads the news in its various formats, he ponders to himself, did this joker (insert story title here...) ever read Peter Drucker? Or, has this character and / or actor ever read his copy of Druckers Management? It floors the mind to the limit at all the half cocked disaster missiles that are presently in flight and "away" in terminal lock on mode to a disaster of oblivion. Although it makes for great television, especially the "perp walks", all that wreckage that has to be cleaned up really stops us brilliant people from achieving their tasks and agendas.

Now off you go...

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