Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rebekah Brooks - Splatter And Mist -

Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine ourselves by the meanings we give to situations.
Alfred Adler, What Life Should Mean To You (1937), p. 14

The Oracle of Ottawa knows that it is not very "Lefty" and it certainly isn't Christian to have the unmitigated feelings of happiness and glee as one of the contemporary proponents of the the right wing media and overall Bilderberg Group agenda hits the wall at a thousand miles an hour! Every employee, especially the males, who have ever been demeaned and humiliated by such a "jackie" female she bitch has got to be wringing their hands in utter glee! It just doesn't get much better than this.

It will get weirder!

I knew she was in serious trouble, with both tits in the wringer, when I heard a nice gentleman from the New York Times building her up as if he was a paid fart catcher, while on an interview with Charlie Rose mid week last. As soon as he got to the part where "she was like a member of the family" I knew for sure she was toast. When caught in the shit grinder of anything right wing and all fundamentalist, the last thing you want to be is a member of the family! Especially when the eighty year old Daddy has the trophy "China Doll" wife and the eldest son is scoping out his territory for the future! It all tends to get a little too close to the Hamlet thing...  The way things are going little Jimmy will be doing her doggy, any time now, over the old mans editing desk!

"Just like family..."

Yes Dear Reader it is just going to get better and better in the days ahead! No doubt, as I write this pensive missive the clever Ms. Brooks is no doubt cleaning out her safe deposit box of the tapes and pictures and all other evidence she has sequestered for this possible rainy day! And then duly transporting her bony ass down to the Main branch of the London Police to cut a deal and immunity from any future criminal charges and indictments. At home and abroad no doubt!

Cow Boy Ethics: Ride For The Brand....

The Shit and Shiites could all hit the heavenly fan next week! Now I hope they show that on the BBC and CPAC in Canada! That will be entertainment. Not to mention the ongoing investigation by the American FBI into alleged self same practices in America. It is damn near like watching a herd of sheep strolling through a mine field. Things just keep "popping up."

Pretty stupid answer for someone that claimed to have attend the Sorbonne!

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