Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andy Haydon Tried! - The Great Ottawa Hole To China -

But the line of thought that I'd been chasing for several days was implicit in the ruins of the old Roman empire, which gradually destroyed itself by substituting the faith in a legion of miraculous words for the strength of armies and the weight of walls.
Lewis H. Lapham, Waiting For The Barbarians, Abracadabra, p. 186

I first heard the news in the car, on the local right-wing talk radio station. Andy Haydon got ejected from the Ottawa City Hall Council Chamber! It just happens to be named after him! It is known as "Haydon Hall" by all the old Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton employees that are just hanging on to get to their earliest retirement date... He was addressing council on the day of the big vote to approve an insane light rail / tunnel

system... Old Andy knows there is all kinds of fishiness going on here. He just can't prove it. On the six o'clock news, I watched the clip of him calling Mayor Jim Watson and / or his staff members liars! And old Andy did not apologize. Classic Andy.

Now Dear Reader all you have to do is ask someone that knows about such things and they will tell you that are only one or two companies in Canada that could take on a project like this. Aecon and SNC Lavalin. Also another company that could handle the job is Acres Construction out in British Columbia. You can see some of their local work up in Arnprior, Ontario. Where they did the Madawaska River bridge and the Arnprior hydro dam. There work stands up great to the test of time. But alas...

The Oracle of Ottawa is going to make a prediction. And it is an ugly one. One that has been lobbied long, serious and hard, and on the street of the Ottawa underground it is considered a LOCK! The contract will be "sole source" and it (has?) will be won by an unknown company out of China! Now sole source means that the Chinese outfit will run the project after its completion. No union will be involved. Doctor Ho foot insole Kiosks every 100 feet in the stations. Minimum wage peasants every where! And they won't be from Ottawa!
You really should listen to Andy!

Forget about all those pretty pictures you saw today. This will be roughly what the Ottawa Light rail system will look like as built. No? Well then go and get a denial from "Gentleman Jim".

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