Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sun News TV - Right Wing Bias Fail...

The scientific world is to be less threatening than was feared. It is to be made safe for human beings. And the way to make it safe is to reflect on the foundations of knowledge.
Simon Blackburn, Think, Knowledge, p. 17

The News Gods have been good to the Oracle of Ottawa. As soon as Parliament went on its summer break I thought that in the depths of the summer doldrums I would be down to writing little daily essays on "focus words" randomly selected from the Chicago Manual of Style or esoteric words selected from the Oxford English Dictionary. But alas, the totally unexpected collapse of the world wide right wing has kept the Oracle very busy.
The right wing wacko's take another hit...

I was hoping to catch the utter spectacle of the Murdoch family grilling by a British House of Commons committee. Perhaps there would be some live excerpts on CPAC or the BBC perhaps latter in the day. Little did I expect that it would be on every news network! Save and except Sun News TV! After discovering the hearings on every available network on my cable package I thought I would see how bad a job Sun News could make out of it! I stumbled into the dregs of the "Round Table" with poor Pat Bolland doing his best to rescue Alex Pierson from herself. Poor Pat Bolland! I tuned out when the wacked Alex was going on about breast feeding a doll at the mall??

But alas, even Sun News knew that it had to follow the leaders again in changing the program routine to stop the rating meter from  going  to zero. The little East Indian real estate agent was clearly miffed and and all but indignant as the elegant and graceful Brian Dunstan was called in to perk up the snore-fest! It was a hoot to watch the body language!The little Anita standing tall, projecting her little puppies like a junior real estate agent getting screwed out of her 1.5% commission on a three way town house sale in the skid-row part of Toronto!

It was a very eventful day all in. The pieing of Rupert Murdoch, the astounding progress of the big budget deal down in Washington, as I predicted, again who has the most to lose from a default? The Republicans! Not the Democrats! And when you got the goods out of the bin Laden cave many opinions will change for ever and for good. Just as I told you earlier Dear Readers. It seems that the Oracle of Ottawa can see several weeks ahead in the "news cycle".

The hoot of the day was to occur latter on Canada Live hosted by the patron of Canadian Arts, Krista Erickson! It was the first time that the bubbly Krista had the look of abject panic as the elegant Brian Dunstan was segmented into her show! But you had to know it was going to happen. I mean management has over 4,000 reasons to seek her replacement! The Oracle of Ottawa is making the call that Miss Krista does not have long to go...

Somewhere in the expanse of Quebec there is an exclusive golf and country club. And a table in the back, in the smoke and low lights there sits the bug-eyed crazy heir and son of a half great Canadian media wanna be empire. He is contemplating the train wreck of the Sun News dream. The nonexistent ratings, the circus of the 4,000 outstanding complaints that will not go away. The CRTC hearings, the threats from the Conservative party establishment, that will soon start to wrench the spokes of the bigger wheel of the above mentioned media empire, all of the other parts of which turn a pretty penny compared to the train wreck that Sun News TV has turned out to be.The rumor is that the plug will be pulled quietly in the second week of August, the dog days of summer, when no one is watching... By Labour Day no one will even remember Sun News TV, it will be like it never even happened.

The visual quality is a little off, but the words are perfect. Enjoy the collapse of the Right Wing global agenda!

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