Thursday, July 21, 2011

Business News Network Fail Or Happy 100th Marshall McLuhan

Motion will however not help unless we have things moving.
Simon Blackburn, Think, The World, p. 244

The Oracle of Ottawa was much chagrined at the Business News Network's  unexplained multi hour disappearance of the "stock ticker" or "banner" or as commonly known by real stock market freaks; the tape. The hours of adrift were from about 9:00 a.m. to its reappearance just before noon! It is strongly suspected that either Bell Media did not pay the bill to the media supplier or a young insane marketing intern somehow got the keys to the control room, determined to prove that all those numbers at the bottom the screen really took away from all the guests and the marketing power of all the funny and silly penny stock ads! It was of course a total fail.

No Numbers - No Watch!

The only reason a financial network has its own dedicated talking heads, marketed guests and those funny penny stock promotion ads is to provide a soothing drone to one who is only interested in the unfolding of the tape! Those funny numbers at the bottom the screen. The above mentioned other idiots provide no real and / or otherwise useful information and are really only allowed to appear to fill in the top 75% of the unused screen. To ensure a future on the air and the continuation of this "network" it be very wise indeed for all parasites or rather personalities to always keep this rude fact in the highest priority.

It is just another demonstration of the absolute insanity of the marketers grip on media in this part of the world! We have a news channel with no news! (Sun News TV), We have music channels with no music! (Much Music). We have a History Channel that contains practically no history! A science channel with hardly any science. (Discovery Channel) The Oracle of Ottawa could go on but it is all too depressing.

But we do have a mere handful of decent offerings. The much beloved CBC. The highly respected BBC. The ever vital American PBS stations. And CPAC! Whose ratings, I will bet, are such that Bell Media would kill for if only it wasn't so illegal!
The tape is all that matters!

The day that has just passed marked the one hundredth birthday of the great man Marshall McLuhan. Canadians, once, as a nation took great pride in having such people among us. Canada pioneered much of what today is called "old media" and great men like Marshall McLuhan foretold with eerie accuracy the new media of today. But with the advent of the world wide right wing agenda, forced on us by the corporate whores, we now have media that is captive first and foremost to fart catchers and spin doctors and every soul killing flavor of marketing.

Marshall McLuhan stated: The medium is the message.

This great truth has been molded, shaped and distorted by the evil of the right into what the Oracle of Ottawa has recently grimly discovered; The message now is the appearance of the medium.

Here is a wonderful aspect of Marshall McLuhan that most people don't know about. He was a devout Roman Catholic as much as he could be all his life. And the real shocker, an avid proponent of the Rosary! How weird is that? Listen carefully to this wonderful interview conducted by Father Patrick Peyton.

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