Sunday, November 4, 2012

Globalization - How It Will End

In the end, we can't outsource more than 100 per cent of manufacturing, we can't transport goods with zero energy, and we can't enlist the efforts of workers and count on their buying our products while paying them nothing.
Richard Heinberg, The End Of Growth - Adapting To Our New Economic Realty, p. 12

Yes, the Oracle of Ottawa has been tardy as of late, but he has hit a very rich patch, yet again, with the ongoing "Thinking About Thinking" project. This one has been very productive, and is being pursued on several fronts all at once. William Greiders "Globalization - One World Ready Or Not", Anthony Kenny's "A New History Of Western Philosophy", Hans Kung, "Does God Exist?" and Rene Descarte, "The Meditations", in a most excellent and full translation. Arthur Schopenhauer; "The World As Will And Idea".  And, oh yeah, David Hume, "A Treatise Of Human Nature", now that sucker was tough! But the Oracle of Ottawa is deep into volume three of the unabridged edition, which was a real bitch to find, you believe me! 

Rosa Luxemberg

Yet even though the Oracle of Ottawa was off his usual prodigious amount of pensive missives, last month was an all time record month in the "hits" department! Ye Gods! Perhaps less is more after all! But the Muse is rising again just as the scum always rises...and the Oracle of Ottawa is feeling up to explaining how the dreaded age of Globalization will actually come to an rather abrupt and ugly end. Also the Oracle of Ottawa will share some possible investment tips that you might want to consider in the ongoing future, which will soon belong to the people that created it in the first place.

The New World Order losses its hard on....

It was Rosa Luxemburg that originally figured out how globalization would end, way back, in the early 20th century! Why, it can, and still could be argued that she even predicted globalization! She saw some things much further out than Marx himself did. She correctly predicted the future algorithm of big capital in the far future with an uncanny accuracy that makes the Oracle of Ottawa shudder with envy and awe. She predicted that as big capital grew larger and larger it would fan out farther and farther on the face of the Earth in search of new Surplus Labour. Farther into the future, she predicted that since the resources of the Earth are at the end of the day finite, big capital, or otherwise known today as Multinational Corporations (MNE's), could literally run out of new surplus labour, that it would underpay for and then ship the product to the "developed" world for the same price as if it was made in the first world! Got that? Now we all know it is that kind of thinking that will eventually get you dead at the age of forty seven. And that is what happened to Rosa Luxemberg.

Well, it dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa recently that we are very near to that time. Now a lot a very real weird things will seem to happen all at once. And if you don't understand the game plan, it will all appear as chaos and anarchy. As the past endless supply of surplus labour dries up, and the MNE's have no other next cheap country to open up in, costs will start to rise. The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that around this time, the Chinese peasants will make their move. And like the Boxer Rebellion  it will all rise up at many places all at once, and when it gets going it will all be very interesting CNN coverage. Party officials of whole areas hanging off of freeway light standards and overpasses will continue for months, possibly years.

Of course this will cause a massive shortage of stock for the dollar stores of the Western World. Not to mention all the other more valuable manufactured goods. So the moral of this story is that if you still have that huge milling machine and drop forge press, you might want to put it some place in the back room so to speak. There may be a very big demand for such tools again in the near future...     

Chris Hedges explains the collapse of globalization....

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