Monday, November 5, 2012

New High Density Power Source - Wait For It...

The future often seems improbable until it happens.
William Greider, One World, Ready Or Not, p.91

One of the most important requirements for Western Civilization is a source of cheap power. The biggest problem today is that we have maxed out all the available old sources. We really need a new super source of cheap, clean, unlimited electrical power. In another moment of dangerous reflection the Oracle of Ottawa was pondering that time long ago when he first attempted to become a digital man. Yes, with my first notebook and a dial-up internet connection, the Oracle of Ottawa explored the brave new world that lay before him. One of the fun things that the Oracle of Ottawa used to love to do for a hearty laugh was go to You-Tube and watch the free energy videos. It was insane and just pathetic. At this time the Oracle of Ottawa was a very cynical young man, who knew that there was and never will be such a thing or break through...

Thomas Edison - Method! What Method?
 In this same recent moment of dangerous self reflection, the Oracle of Ottawa had a realization that several of the most important developments that we enjoy today were not discovered by the correct use of the scientific method and an extensive knowledge of the theory that was actually at work. They were discovered by accident! There are now even books that catalog these serendipity discoveries! And it is not as thin a book as you would think! Two of these greatest inventions (accidents?) are Viagra and the light bulb! 

The Oracle of Ottawa has always found the story of the light bulb the most interesting. The first practical light bulb was "invented" by Thomas Edison. The company that he founded still exists today, it is called General Electric! Now Thomas Edison had all of three months of formal education! Why even Jethro Bodine got to the dizzy heights of the sixth grade! Thomas Edison never even heard of the scientific method, let alone used it. Thomas Edison was the proponent of the simple brute force method of discovery. My favorite story is that while working on the light bulb he got stumped by what kind of wire or filament, that thing that glows inside the bulb, to use.  He simply made up a very long list of all the available candidates and tried every one of them and there combinations until he found the one that worked! The tungsten filament. The rest is just history now... You can still see that actual list that he used and made up. I think it is in the Smithsonian or the Edison Museum. 

The nut of the matter is that science doesn't always work the best in all situations. The Oracle of Ottawa now realizes that in certain kinds of problems that the You-Tube development lab method of seeing what the other guy is doing and then adding to it or taking some part of it away is very powerful indeed. Why the Oracle of Ottawa predicts that the next big energy breakthrough will happen and be developed by some guy, some where on Earth in a garage or a bedroom will be the next to launch tomorrows power technology. Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that there are certain laws of physics that cannot be broken, but thinking about all the great inventions of the past, the idea is how to bend these laws, to get to the required goal.... 

Zero unity power, free power, unlimited power. That is all crazy talk, isn't it?

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