Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Harper Government' - Playing President

After all, if you do not resist the apparently inevitable, you will never know how inevitable the inevitable was.
Terry Eagleton, Why Marx Was Right, p. 6

It is wondrous strange how the lackey's and minions of the 'Harper Government' can fly a whole plane load of armored luxury vehicles over half way across the earth to India and have them arrive right on time, and yet in Canada the minions and lackey's of the 'Harper Government' can't seem to process an Unemployment Insurance application in less then eight weeks! Or the paper work for a senior citizen's first Canada Pension check, so that it will start right on time from the seasoned citizens birthday!

NOT Air Force One!

The Oracle of Ottawa is pondering that if your name is in the Conservative Information Management System otherwise known as CIMS, as a supporter instead of a non supporter, if things would go any faster? But one can suppose it is always better to take your own vehicles to India if one can, it is impossible to get the smell of India out of a suit. But what in heavens name do we in Canada want anything to do with India? Granted India is nominally the largest democracy on Earth, but it is still a real shit hole, and any business deal with an east Indian is a real pain in the ass!

Shiny cars - incoming!

The Oracle of Ottawa has it all down as a back door attack on India by the Peoples Republic of China, otherwise known as the 'Harper Governments' boss. I mean really, showing up in India with your own armored cars is like volunteering at the local food bank dressed in Prada or Armani! And the head towel head (lol) appeared to be really bent about something, and if you know east Indians, you will never figure it out.  It all looks like another train wreck in the making. I mean, really, what does India have that we in Canada need or even want?

Meanwhile back at the home front. Question Period was an absolute slaughter for the 'Harper Government'! It was just wild. The erstwhile minister of veteran affairs got totally clobbered! And that guest worker from Labrador, did he ever take a shit kicking. The 'Harper' of the 'Harper Government' but hurry his ass home before it all goes completely off the rails...   

Do the Denial Tango, It is really catching on in Ottawa...

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