Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wee Jimmy Blows Up

An economy is an entity consisting of groups with conflicting interests held together by rules of the game.
Joan Robinson, The Accumulation Of Capital, p. 16

It is deep into another sleepless night, and the Wee Finance Minister reaches for the warmest cold fry that is left. Under the pile of fast food wrappers he searches for some more medicine, but alas it is all gone. Talk about running out of runway! Soon he must face the rabid pack of jackals in the House of Commons. Wee Jimmy wonders what has gone wrong. Every thing is in place. There is a strong majority Conservative government from coast to coast to coast. Yet the economy lags. The numbers are nowhere near being ever met.

Atlas? Let the bastard shrug...
 All the methods of the right wing guru's are in place. The "Big Lie" propaganda ads and TV spots run 24/7 leading to feel good but dead end websites... Yet, the more these policies are implemented, the worse the economy gets. Wee Jimmy has done everything right. Yet when he speaks to the vulgar media when the Toronto stock exchange is open it starts to plummet as soon as he opens his mouth. The blarney has abandoned him completely and utterly. It is hard for a man of Wee Jimmy's age and political ideological bent to admit that everything he has believed in all his life is in reality nothing but a lie.

The Wee Jimmy cant understand it. He has fired most all of the fat cat civil servants in Ottawa, and is stunned when the Alberta contractors tell him that they will not do their old jobs for the minimum wage offered by the new (temporary) contractors! Why that is just about subversive. The grounds have been cleared of red tape, and according to the objectivist theory, wild entre - pen - whore capitalism should be breaking out all over the place by now. But, alas, the field remains empty. No one has stepped forward. John Galt can't seem to be lured out of hiding or retirement.

And then there are those three by-elections that are to held at the end of November. If these three seats are lost, the strong majority government could be in real trouble. What with the back benchers in near open revolt about all the innocent babies, anything could happen if the ratios get real close. The Wee Jimmy realizes that he is in for another sleepless night. Then the realization that the 'Harper Governments' little helpers in the United States have gotten there little micro-dicks handed to them yet again on a platter, another hit to the brilliant utterly inescapable logic of Ayn Rand. Wee Jimmy feels the walls come closer to him from all directions at once. 

 It is just about dawn now, and the Wee Jimmy realizes that he has to try and get some sleep. He closes the window and pulls out the first edition copy of Atlas Shrugged with dust jacket, that has been holding the window open and throws it to the floor into the mess of fast food wrappers. There is the sound of breaking glass...      

Stick to the speaking points - you are not smart enough to go solo on your own! It the China mans fault, they aren't buying from us. It is the Americans fault, because they aren't buying from the China men. It is the European Unions fault because they borrowed money to buy too much stuff from the China men!! Of course Canada is perfect and with out fault. And all we have to do is cut services until no one can afford to buy anything from any one!

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