Wednesday, November 21, 2012

David McGuinty And The Ghost Of Pierre

We aimed far and high, but we did not miss the mark.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Memoirs (1993), p. 340

The Oracle of Ottawa has to admit, that he didn't think David McGuinty had it in him to finally let loose on the heathen mouth breathing knuckle dragging western hicks of Alberta! And contrary to the announcement of the Ottawa - South Liberal Riding Association, ole Dave's comments in committee recently certainly reflect this constituents feelings exactly! Thank you very much.

David McGuinty - Liberal Party travel agent, now booking..
 It is a great pleasure to the Oracle of Ottawa to see his member of Parliament stirring the pot. Why ole Dave made the CBC news website way up at the top. That is what the Oracle of Ottawa likes to see. And the Oracle of Ottawa loves to see the minions of the 'Harper Government' nearly shitting in rage at the utter truth of David McGuinty's marching orders to the western hicks. Question Period today was a hoot! A raw nerve has been discovered, and the right person to massage that raw nerve. We now know what the greatest fear is of the 'Harper Government'. The Oracle of Ottawa only hopes that the operatives of what is left of Canada's ruling party, can come to their senses and make use of this newly discovered weapon.

The Oracle of Ottawa is sick to his soul at the 24/7 propaganda of all the shit we have in the ground in Canada. The Oracle of Ottawa is sick to his soul of the lowlife sub human western hicks that would sell the souls and future of Canada  to the  even lower human life of buck toothed Chinese communist peasants for a mere thirty pieces of silver. I am right in my description of the conservative western hicks. Even the basest animal in nature will not shit in its on nest! But the Conservative Party of Canada has no qualms about it at all, and they have demonstrated this more then once. Am I right or am I wrong?

Ole David McGuinty is probably a little bummed out (or not) at this time, but he must realize that it is not the beginning of the end of his political career, but rather the end of the beginning. The Oracle of Ottawa predicts that the next federal election will be held much sooner than 2015. And if David McGuinty decides to run, the Oracle of Ottawa will stand to his ballot box and vote for ole David McGuinty yet again. The Oracle of Ottawa is proud as hell of his Member Of Parliament! You dust yourself off boy and get back into that house of jackals and give them the utter bone crushing nuts! 

Canada will not be crucified on a Cross of tar!
David McGuinty - A Great Canadian!

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