Monday, November 19, 2012

Was Ayn Rand A Total Fraud?

A mixture of a lie doth ever add pleasure.
Francis Bacon, Essays, Of Truth

It was simply astounding to the Oracle of Ottawa how big a role Ayn Rand played in the last American election. It was even more astounding to the Oracle of Ottawa how many dead head Americans of the raving right wing actually live by this insanity. But to the relief of reason and the world, sanity and a wicked Democrat ground campaign, (that was not outsourced), won out.

Ayn Rand and Objectivism - Where they belong...

The Oracle of Ottawa remembers well as a younger man reading Atlas Shrugged. It was the first thousand pager that the Oracle ever read. It was followed by most all of the other titles. The Oracle of Ottawa still has a mint copy of Atlas Shrugged in first edition hardcover, with a mint dust jacket, as a monument to the gullibility of youth. Yes the Oracle of Ottawa was quiet a fan. But it did not spur an interest in economics, that was down by the 2008 financial meltdown and Karl Marx. That really got me interested in economics...

For old times sake the Oracle of Ottawa recently hit up Ayn Rands article on Wikipedia and was amazed at how deep the content was, and the fact that it is fully cited! You could not imagine the Oracle of Ottawas shock when he came upon the cited fact that the woman who cursed and campaigned all her life against government and all forms of welfare that is paid for by the taxpayer, discovered much to his surprise that Ayn Rand collected Social Security and Medicaid!! And that fact is cited and referenced!

How is that possible? As of 2007 the woman had sold over 25 million copies! How was it at all possible that she was busted skint at the end of her life? Only in America, one can guess. Where were all her rich and adoring fans? And you would think that with all that money she must have made from the fruits of capitalism that she must have had a killer portfolio of common stocks. But alas no. Come to think of it now, Ayn Rand didn't have a clue how a real company operates in the real world. Do you ever remember any of her characters in any of her "novels" ever referring to the stockholders? Hell no, the main characters acted like it was there personal company. How many railways bigger than a spur line were ever held privately in the last century?  It was all so totally insane. But to a sociopath it is all in a days work...

Another myth that was often propounded and repeated many times in the last campaign by Ron Paul among others was that Atlas Shrugged is the greatest novel next to the bible!! But alas the Oracle of Ottawa must disavow my unlearned American friends of this lie also. Check out the List of best selling fiction authors on Wikipedia... Ayn Rand is no where to be found, and never was, or ever will be world class.

The first American Psycho?

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