Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Future Role Of Capitalism

Revolution offers the opportunity to rethink the largest questions and, in fact, compels people to reexamine what they have always taken for granted.
William Greider, One World, Ready Or Not, p. 44

It all started with the early retirement. Now there was time to read all those books that I had promised myself. First I started with Adam Smith and the unabridged Wealth Of Nations. It was so good and I got through it so surprisingly fast that I figured I would continue with Das Kapital by Karl Marx! Well that just blew my head wide open! I continued with Capital Volumes II and III! Then it all got out of hand... I decided to read all the "name" economists of the classical and near modern periods! Say, Keynes, Ricardo, you name it, Amazon Canada was really busy for a while!

State sanctioned capitalists of the future at work...

Then of course, with my head totally remoulded and rewired, a great truth occurred to the Oracle of Ottawa. This period we are now living in, the last days of "high capitalism", are soon to end. And the world of tomorrow will be a much different and I am pretty certain a much better place. The Oracle of Ottawa will not get into the details of the new world coming in this post, but he will give you a hint or two.

There will still be private property, and all that. But the focus of society will shift from the monetary enrichment of the individual to a focus of the full realization of the individual. There will still be a market based "capitalism", but it will fulfill a clean-up role in the new society. The market based economy will never be allowed to exceed more than 25% of the sanctioned economic activity. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a picture and a  movie of the capitalists of the future in their new role.....

Future capitalists at work in their new clean up role... A lot like the old capitalists??  

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