Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Gutting of TV Ontario

Whatever is the cause of taxes to a nation, becomes also the means of revenue to a government.
Thomas Paine, Rights Of Man,  p. 165

It was with great shock that the Oracle of Ottawa learned from his CBC supper hour news that the gutting of TV Ontario has commenced. The Oracle of Ottawa finds it riddling strange that the three most popular programs are to axed! The three shows are: Saturday Night At The Movies, Big Ideas, and Allan Gregg In Conversation! Why those are the only shows that the Oracle of Ottawa never misses! What the hell is going on here?

Save TV Ontario!!

The brass at TVO are out to save a crummy two million bucks. Didn't they raise more than that on last years membership drives? Haven't they just shut down 114 old analog transmitters? Why the scrap value there is worth over two million dollars. And do you think that TV Ontario was renting the land for all these transmitters? Hell no! So there is another twenty million at least! And how much was received in bequests and wills in the last ten years? Hmmm, do you dear reader smell a rat? Let the Oracle of Ottawa explain....

It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that all the cut shows are the favorites of those of left political leanings. What is at work here? Have the corporate over-whores forced their hand through the marketing department or was it through the Prime Ministers Office? Yes sir, it certainly sounds and looks like the F9 monkeys in beanie hats and short pants are at it again.

The greatest brand that TV Ontario has is the interview archive that was assembled by Elwy Yost over his lifetime career at TVO! One hundred years from now people will still be watching those interviews! How much budget does it cost to run stuff you already own? Not much. Not even Hollywood has anything to match it! Yes Saturday Night at The Movies has to go! Cinema is the opiate of the political left, isn't it?
And that show called Big Ideas certainly has to go! We can't have people like Northrop Frye , Noam Chomsky, and Chris Hedges telling the masses the utter and absolute truth can we? It really clashes with the talking points, propaganda and Agenda of a certain middle eastern ethnic group that at present has an insane hold on the Prime Ministers Office. Is The Oracle of Ottawa right or is he right? And heh! Right after Big Ideas the Oracle of Ottawa always gives Allan Gregg his eyeballs most every Saturday night. These three shows are the Saturday nights of countless Ontarians! And have been for decades....

Fire and cut this piece of ____!!!

But the Oracle of Ottawa will not just bitch into the cloud. The Oracle of Ottawa is constructive and has thought of a much better solution of cuts totaling three shows presently on TV Ontario. First cut Mere Cat Manor. Then cut that sickening Time Team, that phony reality show crap trying to be connected to the science and art of archeology! God! The Oracle of Ottawa hates that limey low life bastard that hosts that show... Now for the real money saver! Why just cutting this one show will no doubt save TV Ontario more than two million dollars. Her goes.. Fire that piece of shit, closet neo-con, conservative Steve Paikin! And cancel his bullshit posing show called the Agenda!  Public television is no place for "flagship" current affairs, that is the job of the mainline media outlets such as the "state broadcaster", the good old CBC!

So, with the absence of the Agenda, the blogs, the pretentious set and the bullshit guests, that somehow strangely seem to be mostly from one small micro-state in the middle east, TVO should have saved more than two million dollars a year. Then to fill in the time bring me something with real class and substance like Charlie Rose or the old style couch and interview show that we all enjoyed before the Agenda! Now the Oracle of Ottawa is not a vindictive blogger. Steve Paikin should receive a generous severance package and a presentation shot gun set, with matching shower stall, he will know what to do with it, won't he?

Cut this piece of ____ propagandist and his right wing entourage and save TV Ontario!!!

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