Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz Circles The Bowl

No more can governments rely on the passivity of subjects; they must face the activity of the citizens.

Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues Of Politics, (Seventh Edition), p. 179

You certainly know when the micro-dicks of the 'Harper Government' are in the pencil sharpener, don't we dear reader? When it all goes really bad, and the very foundations shudder, don't expect to be able to see that edition of Question Period on CPAC, or even to see it on the usual rerun time at 11:00 pm. on the day of that edition of Question Period! Hell no, the corporate whores that own CPAC for a "public service" are only willing to let you see Question Period on the same day if it just happens to make the MORONS of the 'Harper Government' look good on that particular day. The spin doctors and fart catchers from the Prime Ministers Office are threatening everyone and everything overtime on days like this, and today is not the first time, is it?

Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz, BFL (see below...)

The Oracle of Ottawa warned early and often that the train wreck(s) would be just down the line and approaching at full throttle. Well, here we are! The Oracle of Ottawa warned that when he could not find which high school the Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz , the present short lived Agricultural Minister, attended, it could only mean serious trouble down the road. Still looking for that information. If any member of the House can get him to tell the truth about the XL Foods train wreck, the Oracle of Ottawa would really still like to know which high school and which University Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz graduated from!

It is rapidly becoming apparent to the Oracle of Ottawa that Pathogenic E. coli is a Conservative disease! Every time you get a right wing wack-ball conservative government in power you will see this disease as sure as sunrise! It brought down the Conservative Harris government in the Province of Ontario, with the horrendous E. coli outbreak in Walkerton, Ontario that left several people dead and scores of others weakened for the rest of their shortened lives!  And guess where the spew of this provincial government ended up? You bet'cha, they all seemed to get a seat and most of the cabinet posts in the 'Harper Government'! This is not bullshit, the Oracle of Ottawa has provided links to cited and very detailed references, take your time, and enjoy.

E.coli at 10,000x

The reason the Oracle of Ottawa is hot about this issue is that from late August and early September past, the Oracle of Ottawa suffered from the worst multiple case of exploding shit that he has ever experienced! God Damn! You fucking western hick monkey Ritz!! As we now know that this latest E.coli Conservative debacle has affected 41 US States. The Oracle of Ottawa was enjoying his usual brand of most excellent velvety Chili from a small cannery somewhere in the North East US, when upon passing the obligatory chili fart, felt a bubbling and then a gurgle, shit, you could literally hear it! Then Holy fuck up Ritz! You better be near a shitter, because you are just going to have a monster explosive sludge  "Ritz shit".... You had that to dear reader? It wasn't the "heat" of August after all, was it now? Well that is the effect of cow shit in red meat, hope all you western hick monkeys out west got something to feed all those cows you aren't going to be able to sell, except for dog food to China! Your good friends....

The only thing that will recompense the pain and suffering experienced this summer by the Oracle of Ottawa is that Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz is awarded the degree of BFL, (Backbencher For Life)!! And the Oracle of Ottawa is waiting and expecting the Opposition to continue to root these unqualified and uneducated western hicks from cabinet and if possible from Parliament itself. It isn't "bullying" if it will save some innocent persons life. And while you are that little task, lets get Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz started on his high school diploma....

How ironic that the people that are going to suffer the most are the poor suckers that actually for voted for low life shit such as this! Reap the whirlwind you sowed.....

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