Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gentleman Jim Peddles The Lead Nugget Saloon

Still humping the American Dream, that vision of the Big Winner somehow emerging from the last minute pre-dawn chaos of a stale Vegas casino. 
Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, p. 57

Ottawa ain't Monte Carlo! Why any mayor of Ottawa would want his legacy to be a gambling house, simply leaves the Oracle of Ottawa totally befuddled. And according to the local vulgar media, the public "consultation" didn't go too smoothly tonight. The ethically challenged  mayor cites the argument that Quebec is getting all the gambling dollars and leaving us, the citizens of Ottawa, with all the problems. And, therefore the solution is to build an even more tempting gambling house in Ottawa and make the problem twice as bad!  One can readily see that Carleton University does not do very well on the installation of the moral compass.
Starting point for new Ottawa Casino....

As mentioned in an earlier posting, the Oracle of Ottawa has related the fact that we already have the seed and perfect location and venue for a high end gambling house in Ottawa, and it is out in the boonies, where it should be, the Rideau-Carleton Race track. The Oracle of Ottawa simply can not understand what the Mayor of Ottawa has against the shit-fur interface of the horsey community?  The Oracle of Ottawa understands that the powers that be really hate dark brown and black arse holes, but did you ever try to apply an anus bleach kit to a horse? Pretty tricky, to say the least. One has to accept nature as it is, on certain occasions.

The key to this whole problem is that we must have something that Quebec can't hope to ever offer. Building a copy of the Gatineau Casino less then two miles from the original will be a total fail. They are established and they have brand. A hick and his bur(h)gers won't have a chance in Hell in matching them at there core competency! Why is that so hard to understand? What else is really at play here? What is in it for Gentleman Jim to persue this insane idea?

The key is to posh up the Rideau-Carleton Raceway! It is all too easy, over half of it is already there, and there sure won't be a parking problem! It is bush for as far as the eye can see! And it is very close to the Ottawa International Airport. This will be very important when Rideau-Carleton goes thoroughbred! That will be the angle that Quebec will not be able to touch! Improvements will include a new turf track! Why even the Queen of England would ship her horses to compete here in Ottawa! Ottawa could get into the Queens Plate cycle! Why not? Then the Arabs will come, do you see where all this is going? And then the spring annual Ottawa Derby! World class, international. Think with me people!!

As of late the Oracle of Ottawa has had a troubling and very recurring thought at where that down town casino will end up. Since the commercial tenants aren't exactly fighting over the available spaces at the Landsdowne Live train wreck, and the City of Ottawa taxpayer is already in for now over 200 million dollars, that shit hole casino could end up in the Glebe! As a matter of fact, that may have been the long term plan all along! What better way to rapidly depress all those nice old Glebe piles, that at present sell for over a million bucks a pop! Think about it people....What better way to land bank for all those throw away 500 square foot vinyl shoe boxes?  And I thought that nice David Chernushenko lad was way smart. But you can feel that he is sensing something is wrong, and he has no idea how right he is.... Now the only problem is to find who is leaking the master plan.....

Is Ottawa ready to pay this price? As an Ottawa taxpayer, are you ready for this 24/7??

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