Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Harper Government' Plays With Huawei Fire

A bad review is even less important than whether it is raining in Patagonia.
Iris Murdoch, The Times newspaper, July 6, 1989

Corruption is a sin of power. To be compromised is a sin of omission. To be compromised is far worse than being corrupt or to be corrupted. To be compromised is the greatest display of rot and weakness. This is the second time that the Oracle of Ottawa has been impelled to blather on about this straw telecom Huawei. Again the Americans are sounding the alarm out loud. The Oracle of Ottawa is sure that State Department feelers have already been extended down and through ordinary diplomatic standards. We all know what will happen next if the first two attempts are ignored...

The straw-man  tele-com?

Weird things can start to happen when security concerns and warnings are ignored by the Americans. And all those who toil in the innards of the old vulgar media, know exactly what the Oracle of Ottawa means. After seeing the conclusions of the American House Intelligence Committee today, the Americans are getting very antsy to say the least! Keep that slot under your office door open, and make sure there is lots of paper in the fax-machine! This sucker is going to blow wide open any time soon.

It is pretty easy to be one of the largest tele-com suppliers in the world if you are backed a state communist party. Your R & D costs will also be pretty low if another state communist telecom and massive global state security apparatus steals all the other guys plans for you! If there ever was a straw man telecom Huawei appears to be IT! No one knows how owns it exactly, the straw men have never given interviews, and appear to have no intention to. Now the House Intelligence committee can't get to vocal about it, but they are very well informed by the CIA and the even more powerful NSA.These guys aren't pissing into the wind, if you get my drift.

In Canada, down on Ogilvie Street, there are a wack of CSIS types all but pulling out what is remaining of their hair, as they try desperately to figure out a way to explain to the 'Harper Government', with Crayolas, the utter danger they are in by ignoring our biggest allies reasonable requests. Americans don't like to mess in the affairs of other nation states, especially the first world states like Canada, but they will, and it will be fatal, and certain, and in the last resort with extreme prejudice. It is all sort of like Three Days of the Condor in reverse! And you heard first from the Oracle of Ottawa.....

Clue yourself in dear reader. It is all pretty interesting and if you are an "85" all so clear and blatantly obvious...

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