Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elizabeth May - Bitch Slaps The 'Harper Government'

The supremacy of the verbal over the monumental has something about it of the supremacy of life over death.
Northrop Frye, The Great Code, p. 200

As frequent flyers of this blog already know, the Oracle of Ottawa is a great fan of Elizabeth May, the party of one, representing all the Green Party of Canada, so far... In a posting just before the last Canadian federal election the Oracle of Ottawa advised the people of Elizabeth Mays riding that there could be no better vote than for Elizabeth May. These people were pretty smart and took the Oracle of Ottawa's advice.

Elizabeth May - Party of One...

I have included a link to the great woman's article on Wikipedia, so that you could fill in the back ground. This is a blog, not War and Peace, after all...It is quiet safe to say, right out loud, that there is more knowledge between the ears of Elizabeth May than in all of the 'Harper Government' cabinet!

It was the Wednesday Question Period, and Liz, as one of the "other parties", got in a Members Statement, and it was a sneak in statement, but you only get sixty seconds, and no better use of sixty seconds in all of Canadian history was so well used. As the Oracle of Ottawa has feared and predicted, we have been sold down the Yellow River, so to speak, by the 'Harper Government' for a mere thirty pieces of silver. Yes, dear reader, the Canada - China Investment Treaty will leave Canada worse off then we ever were as a colony of the British Empire!  As a matter of fact you may as well call Canada the Gold Mountain or the most Western province of China!

It is quiet clear that when this "treaty" is enforced we in Canada will be essentially a colony of Communist China! You just can't make this stuff up. But it invokes many other dangers. The most important being that the Americans to our immediate south, may not look favorably upon a communist state setting up shop, so to speak, on the door step of the United States of America. Do you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?  The Oracle of Ottawa has warned before in an earlier posting, that it was and is his greatest fear that the Americans will invade Canada, and if the 'Harper Government' is not stopped this is what will happen. The United States  simply will not tolerate a compromised government of even an ally to endanger the American people. 

 Elizabeth May - Party of One!

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