Monday, October 15, 2012

Dalton McGuinty Done In By PPP

It is true that space is only in my head; but empirically my head is in space.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will And Idea, Volume II, p. 184

Not even the Oracle of Ottawa got a sniff of this one coming. But there you go. But it is obvious to the Oracle of Ottawa that it was the Private Public Partnerships that did him in. The corporate whores can under no circumstances ever be allowed into the hen-house of government as pals. And the events of the very recent past are total proof of this. Andrea Horvath, for crying out loud, take note! 

Dalton McGuinty - done in by PPP

The Oracle of Ottawa stated his sneak'in suspicions around the time of the onset of the electric smart meters. Something that was not needed and will never pay for them selves. But before that and now it was a hell of  run for the mighty Dalton. He ended up being the sixth longest serving premier in Ontario history. Tim Hudak will never touch that, not even in his wildest dreams! But Andrea Horvath could beat that, if she acts like a cross between Hurricane Hazel and Joseph Stalin! And that is the way you have to conduct government. The corporate whores are never to be trusted. You must have them and keep them on there knees begging, or else you will be another Dalton.

Now the Oracle is free of the ties of the past. He can now vote for the NDP and like it. I figure that Andrea Horvath is the Hurricane Hazel of Ontario, and damn it that is what we really really need. If an old women of 91 years can get elected 12 times in a row and make politics look easy, it must be then as easy as that. The Oracle of Ottawa can only hope that some one has learned a lesson from this sad debacle....

Meanwhile in the corporate bunker - somewhere in downtown Toronto, the corporate over whores are not taking the news very well....

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