Sunday, October 21, 2012

Suhana Meharchand - Awesome Again!

There is no need for torture: Hell is other people.
Jean Paul Sartre, No Exit, Act 1, Scene 5

It still appears that Suhana has still not signed the Jimmy Moore purity pledge! You go girl! And though she is one of the few full time federal civil servants still employed with the Mother Ship of the CBC, otherwise known by the 'Harper Government' as the "state broadcaster". She is certainly not "dogging it" like Rex Murphy by choosing only the wimpy safe topics for the great radio show Cross Country Checkup.

Suhana for the Order of Canada!

Today's topic was the incredibly hot "How do we stop bullying" on the internet! Well it was on in the car for about ten minutes before the Oracle of Ottawa and his significant other broke out into a terrible row! The Oracle of Ottawa has a few things that he simply must get off his handsome and fulsome chest on this very hot issue.

What the hell does a brat under the age of twenty one need a Facebook page for anyway? The Oracle of Ottawa pondered if he would have opened one in his youth and I always give it the fail! Who the hell needs a hundred "friends"?? The Oracle of Ottawa is amazed at all the I-Phone zombies that he always observes in Ottawa while out for recreation from the secure bunker. Why it was only a few weeks ago that the Oracle of Ottawa observed a sweet young thing melt down into a complete nervous breakdown because her facebook page was somehow screwed  up! The Oracle of Ottawa is still shaken by the event. The whole freaking world is going freaking nuts!!

It was Karl Marx who once said in volume one of Capital, that men had successfully dressed themselves for centuries without ever knowing what a tailor was! Well the Oracle of Ottawa is saying that you don't need stupid facebook and an I-Phone to get friends. And if you do, and your brats do, it is time for the kitty shrink! The Oracle of Ottawa will explain how this all came about....

It is all to do with corporate over whore marketing. The parents are part of the frightened and obedient work force of surplus labor. They have no time to be engaged in anything except their own selfish goals of like; surviving. They instill the same values into their brats. Go along and get along. Start whoring out yourself now brat, just like Mommy and Daddy do with a smile on their face everyday. Because sweetheart although you are not working yet you are already owned by Capital, lock stock and soul, which if you could, you would probably try to sell on E-Bay like Bart Simpson! How long will a society like this stand? Not very long...

It seems that just as the crime stats are crashing like the mortgage market in 2008, the corporate over whores need a new crime and they need it soon! There is going to be a Super-Max prison system in Canada and damn it, the corporate over whores have got to have candidates, any candidates! The Oracle of Ottawa feels like he is living in a cross of 1984 and the Brave New World!

When  the Oracle of Ottawa went to high school in the 1970's there was not one suicide of a peer that I can recollect! And this was in the era of an insane drug culture that was just everywhere in Canada at the time. Kids did not burn down their parents for the new pair of Nikes, threatening permanent personality damage if they had to go with out! But in today's world I have seen a good Dad go to death from the never ending demands of daughters and wives. God this world is so insane and it is so greedy ugly!! The Oracle of Ottawa needs a good old style tune to lift him up....

 Sigh... The Oracle of Ottawa is just an analog man, Thank God....

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