Monday, September 24, 2012

Minister John Baird Blows Up! - (Already...)

Whose game was empires, and whose stakes were thrones;
Whose table earth, whose dice were human bones. 

Lord Byron, The Age of Bronze, Stanza 3

Well, well, well, the Oracle of Ottawa hates to say "I told you so" but the Oracle of Ottawa told you so, many times in this blog that the pin headed skidmark from Barrhaven would bring great disgrace to Canada if he ever was allowed power and here we are! It all started or rather "broke" late Sunday night, when the Oracle of Ottawa caught it on the CBC news page upon flashing up the trusty notebook. The big surprise was leaked by the British. A very good starting stab in the back, that will no doubt continue and deepen as the "special relationship" continues...

John Baird with his Foreign Affairs Think Tank....

But this early reaction was nothing to the utter spectacle and flaming that the mentally  challenged "minister" had to endure in Mondays Question Period! It was just utter bliss. Dip shit John Baird got his ideological ass kicked around the chamber of the House, man he was trashed. The Opposition was just awesome. Well come an hour or so later, Baird did make his announcement with the greasy William Hague the only leader of the Conservative Party of Britain who did not become Prime Minister  since 1922. For the overly grasping and ambitious John Baird this all should have come as an omen, but he still thinks an omen is a steam bath full of hot guys... What are you going to do?

Sensing the ensuing debacle that was rising faster than a hard-on a seventeen year old male, you could actually see the panic starting to come together in the folds of the ministers small brain. Why he was so proud of his actions and decisions that he just didn't have the guts to appear at an interview with his new buddy William for the state broadcaster, the good old CBC! Actually he was at a meeting, down the hall on the great white telephone, puking his guts out! All the sweat and backstabbing, all to be lost so early and forever.

The Opposition will run with this for months! Baird will be sitting so far in the back benches that they will have to bring him light with a shovel! One only has to work the angle of the 'Harper Governments' love affair of the military past of Canada as it won it's freedom from its Imperial overlord, only to be given away by a stupid skidmark pin head from Barfhaven!  Way to go 'Harper Government'!

It seems that the advice from all his good friends down from the Satmar is coming back to bite like a bastard! The 'Harper Government' is a lot like Richard Nixon, it never lets you down. A lot of this fiasco can be attributed to just hanging with the wrong people and not keeping the ministerial distance if you get my drift. Mark my words dear reader, it is the end of him....and the Oracle of Ottawa, truth to tell will love every day of it....

Lets watch the train wreck unfold....

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