Sunday, September 9, 2012

Israel Closes Canadian Embassies?

And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
Revelation 16:16 (KJV)

Israel is JAC! Israel is Just Another Country. What does Israel have on the 'Harper Government'? Let the Oracle of Ottawa put all this in some rational perspective. Canada is a G7 country of over 35 million people. Israel is a shit hole in the Middle East that has the unerring ability to piss off everyone around them, of just over 7 million people, and of those only 75% are Jewish. Canada does no significant business with Israel. Israel is not a major trading partner with Canada. You can check that here. At the List of the largest trading partners of Canada. Over 90% of our business is conducted with 12 other countries. Israel is nowhere on the list!

Will this be our reward?

Perhaps it is deep cultural ties? Well, no, that isn't true either! You can check that at Wikipedia article entitled Demographics of Canada. There are about 315,00 Jews in Canada, making up a mere 1.01% of the Canadian population. So what is in it for Canada to do the bidding of the Israel State?  And the witless actions of Canada's hapless Minister Of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, appear to have no basis in rational thought or reason! I mean ask yourself, what is in this for Canada to get  face deep in the Israel "baconator"??

This recent action of John Baird of the Zionist 'Harper Government' has done irreparable  damage to Canada's image as the fair balanced broker of the world. We have picked sides outside of our normal procedures. We have departed from our tried and true processes that have kept us safe and at arms length from affairs that have nothing in it for us as a nation state. The insane actions of the 'Harper Government' could kill us all.

The conceptually challenged John Baird stated that one of the reasons for his "decision" is that Iran is sticking its hand in the affairs of Syria. But when the United Nations sat down to this matter in New York who were the two parties that vetoed any action? Russia and China, correct? After the brilliant ministers announcement the 'Harper Government' cut its deal with the Peoples Republic Of China! This Canadian damn near puked...

What is in it for Canada?

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