Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where O Where Is My Greg Zaun?

The product on the field is the players, it's the game,  it's not the ownership, it's the players and the game, and there the ones that deserved to get paid, and that's whats going to happen in this case.
Greg Zaun, Sportsnet Connected segment, commenting on NHLPA talks,  on or about September 09, 2012.

The Oracle of Ottawa knows it can only be bad news in Canada when you go to tune in for your favorite on-air personality and he or she is not there anymore. And you can be pretty sure it is final when the new on-air personality(s) act like that person that you tuned in for was never even here, ever. The Oracle of Ottawa wishes that the corporate over-whores would explain the absence of an on-air personality. The Oracle of Ottawa can take it! If you fired the person for cause, let us know! We are the viewers. We own your five something or other ragged media asses! You really shouldn't ever forget that. Ever.

Jamie Campbell(left) basks in Greg Zaun's immaculate light...
 It has been a great summer for the Oracle of Ottawa. Free from all the old bullshit. I had time to watch the most baseball that I have ever watched in years. And, the Oracle of Ottawa really liked the frank and edgy commentary of Greg Zaun! No Blue Jay game is really complete unless it starts with Greg Zaun's "Three Ways To Win" segment in the pregame show! And the Oracle of Ottawa could really tell that no corporate whore fart catcher/communications type, could get Greg to go to a "How to Dress for TV" course! Only an old school dude such as Greg Zaun could wear what he wore, and actually get away with it, and not look stupid like Don Cherry! I will bet he even had on the two-tone water buffalo brogues!!  Ya, it was a hell of a good summer, until earlier this week, and no more Greg! And to be replaced by somebodies sweet Latino boyfriend, (Jose somebody....) ever so accommodating, that I swear I could feel little Jamie Campbells love-hole winking.....  Shudder.....

What ever could the reason for the sudden absence be? The Oracle searched and searched, and discovered a very frank segment on the recent NHLPA talks, that looks like from here, the beginning of a long cold grey winter. Could it be that Greg Zaun was a little too pro labour for the corporate over-whores at Rogers Communications, that also just so happen to also own the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team? The part where Greg states with full confidence that Donald Fehr did not come out of retirement to lose damn near  busted my gut!

Well whatever the outcome is, whatever happens, the Oracle of Ottawa can be certain that when Greg Zaun draws his last breath, his last words certainly won't be "I wish I had said that....". In the Oracle of Ottawa's book Greg Zaun is a stand up guy.

Could this be the reason why Greg Zaun is no longer on Sportsnet?

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