Monday, September 17, 2012

'Harper Government' - Still Hates You!

The classic vice of all dictatorial systems is their assumption of the superiority and infallibility of those in power.
Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues Of Politics, (Seventh Edition), p. 201

Well folks, IT'S ON, again! The Oracle of Ottawa feels so much younger, so much more alive, as he gets to take part in the reasoned and mannerly discourse of the nations business. Yeah right! The Oracle of Ottawa was not in the least bit upset when the usual verbal shit kicking and bitch slapping started with the clock!

It's On!!!

The Harper Bund didn't look one bit different from the last day we saw them way back when. Actually the Oracle of Ottawa was alarmed (in a good way), at the incredible amount of disgusting grooming and the general level of overall sloth of the Harper Bund. Why the Oracle of Ottawa is convinced that an August "floater" in general would present a better first impression!

And they came prepared too! A brand new BIG LIE has been spun out by the spin doctors, juryed by the fart catchers of the Prime Ministers Office. It was the brand new Carbon Tax lie. But, alas, it seemed to founder right out of the gate. The NDP were in incredible form in the first Question Period. The Harper Bund seemed to be very much taken aback at the ruthless sharpness of it all. If the great man is believing the pollsters, well methinks he is in for a very large shock indeed.  

All the usual continuing fuck-ups were freshly updated by the Opposition, with numerous new examples. It seems Diane "The Fly" Finley has finally completed her program updates of several Canadian Government departments.  And from all indications, according to the Conservative Party of Canada, they are so far a total success! The systems are so fucked up you can get no service of any kind at all!! The only question is how long will it be, and will the Harper Bund have a enough guns and cops to put down the eruption when it finally and without warning takes off?

And then it was over, time flies when you are having so much fun. The Oracle of Ottawa was invigorated and went out for a brisk "born again" walk, and to make the day perfect, as I was returning to the secured bunker that little plane with the banner that asks Steve Harper, Why do you hate us? Was welcoming the Harper Bund  and the Oracle of Ottawa back to work... You can't make this stuff up....

Insane but all true!!!

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