Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why Does Google Suck?

Reality never corresponds perfectly to logic; neither, therefore, can our analysis.
Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues of Politics, (Seventh Edition), p. 15

You know when a large corporate over - whore changes something un - announced in the dog days of summer it can only  be seen as nefarious, that is, really not in your best interest. Such was the feeling of the Oracle of Ottawa as he opened his You-Tube page on that fateful day last summer recently passed. The Oracle of Ottawa has no idea what the Google organization is trying to prove by making all their products and platforms worse and less than they were the day before. Perhaps it is a misguided marketing strategy?

Another Netscape?

Well after a ton of tinkering and resetting of bookmarks the Oracle of Ottawa, managed to get some semblance of a usable home page for his you-tube fix. Now the Oracle of Ottawa  was once a real Google fan, and a very early adaptor. But now, recently, he has really been tested. Grave doubts are entering his mind. So much so, that he removed Google News as his home page, and replaced it with the CBC news page. The Google business can only survive if you loan it your eyeballs. No eyeballs, there will be no Google, and it can happen very, very fast. Remember Netscape?   

Google shitter connected to the internet...

Anyone would think that it couldn't get any worse. But you will always be wrong. Last night all Blogger users were forced to use the new and improved blogger interface. Now the Oracle of Ottawa sent "feedback" several times complaining that the new blogger interface is no improvement for bloggers! Of course none of this ever gets read. It is just corporate over - whore standard action to make you think that YOU actually matter. Well, sucker, you don't! You would think that Google could let people just choose between what type of interface they want. That seemed to be the pattern in the past, and the Oracle of Ottawa just can't understand why Google would change that.

The major problem I have with the new interface is that the dashboard is squished. The stats graph is all distorted due to that useless left hand side tool bar. That tool bar should be placed across the top, out of the way. What I think the overall problem is, is that the new "interface" is designed for those stupid new screens that are all but standard today.  The ones that are like movie screens. The Oracle of Ottawa thinks that really sucks and clings to his old T-41 with that nice traditional square screen that is now considered so uncool. Also, it has crossed the Oracle of Ottawa's mind that the redesign also has a lot to do with marketing, that is to help harvest your poor ragged ass with useless money gobbling products that you don't need. The Oracle of Ottawa ponders how many bloggers will be lost in the near future, as the people in the third world can not just run out and get a new computer? But the guy at Google Headquarters, that shits in the high tech toilet, that massages his ring piece and nuts after he has a granola dump, would not even be thinking of that! Now would he?

Not a joke anymore, is it?

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