Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'Harper Government' Meets The Grandmothers...

What a pretty thing it would be if a philosophy by which nobody could live were to gain for itself light and air, not to speak of the general ear!
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will And Idea, Volume I, p. xxx

Who would have thought that a few skanky university students in Quebec could bring down a whole freaking government!!?? Why it was only a few weeks ago that the King of Quebec, one John Charest, taking his lead off the best and brightest spin doctors and assorted fart catchers of the PMO, oh yes, he cut his deal...Nothing could go wrong, our data tells us that it is all a lock! Canadians just don't care! What a total, unmitigated, crash and burn total fail! If you just start getting rid of all that socialism in Quebec everything will always go your way...

What could possibly go wrong?

Well it is just after the last talking heads are wrapping it up on the "state broadcaster" the good old CBC, and it seems that the King of Quebec, the top feudal lord, is now a mere civilian! So that of course means that he has lost the immunity of his past office and will no doubt be called forthwith to the corruption hearings to held into many things of which we can not say... starting this fall. Now that will be television!! That will be entertainment! That arrogant perfidious cocksucker, may you burn and knash your teeth in the ninth circle of hell forever!!  

Bonjour! Grandmere Marois!!!
 Pauline Marois will be the first female Premier of the Province of Quebec!! Damn!! The Oracle of Ottawa knew he would see many strange and wonderful things in his lifetime, but, I never thought I would actually be alive to see this!! Double good God damn! Everyone thinks that she is a small timer of no consequence. A trouble maker, not fit to rule... But take it from the Oracle of Ottawa, she is at the front of the bus now! And I will predict that she will become one of the greatest leaders that Quebec has ever had since Champlain himself!!  

Canada needs it grandmothers, especially now!! Strange thing this. We now have four Canadian provinces that are headed by women! One can only wonder at how the Harper Bund is going to deal with this! It should be a real hoot!! And can you just imagine what Parliament is going to be like on September 17th? Oh yea! The 'Harper Government' - the end of the beginning, what a train wreck it will turn out to be!! Hold on to your seats folks, this is going to be freaking, just, orgassssticaly WILD!!!

Students can't bring down a government, can they??

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