Sunday, September 16, 2012

'Harper Government' - Some 'splaining to do...

Stripped of the veneer and camouflage, dictatorship is essentially a regime of privilege. As such, since it cannot evoke consent from the underprivileged, it must hold sway by force and fraud. The dominant group coheres for fear of losing its special advantages.
Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues Of Politics, Seventh Edition, p. 201

Well folks, it all cranks up again tomorrow? The long summer break is all but over. And there are a ton of questions that many Canadians, that, the 'Harper Government' was hoping that no Canadians cared about, are going to want to be asked and answered. The Oracle of Ottawa wonders if the long break of rest and endless basking under their favorite rocks could possibly make your average Conservative any more intelligent  But we all know the answer to that one...NO!

Here we go again...

With all the fiscal ball breaking going on and down at an ever continuously accelerating rate, one wonders how the wee mentally challenged finance minister can explain why the economy refuses to really respond and lift us all up like the parables of the high tides and boats?

How can the Harper brain trust expect GDP to increase bringing with it all that hoped for tax revenue, if you keep destroying the middle class tax base? How do you expect money to keep moving if households are refusing to spend, just for the pleasure of screwing up the wee mental nickel midgets?

Will someone ask the question again about the "rolls"? And if the Conservatives have finally understood that money and toilet paper are very similar in many ways, the most important being that both are printed on rolls, and to get the maximum enjoyment from both one must just let it roll? Perhaps it would be best to give them a couple of weeks to "spin up" before dropping that hard one....

Will some one ask again what evil maniacal power the state of Israel has over the 'Harper Government' and is it as powerful as the hold that the Peoples Republic of China seems to have? Does the Minister of Foreign Affairs expect to take any more phone orders from Tel Aviv any time soon? I mean we are just asking....

Perhaps some youngster could see if any of the cabinet has yet grasped the concept of "church and state", I mean, really, it is never too late, or is it?

And the last burning question that all Canadians and members of the House are dying to know; Will that useless Rob Anders be able to stay awake in this session?

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