Thursday, August 30, 2012

Changing My Bookmarks

Demonstrations in general are not so much for those who wish to learn as for those who wish to dispute.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will And Idea, Volume I, p. 89

Well dear readers, it has been a very relaxing summer, so far. The Thinking About Thinking project has hit a very rich vein. The Oracle of Ottawa has been pursuing it with all his vigor. But computer administration calls for a round of slight attention. It was in the deepest dog days of summer that it was announced by Bell Media that the "pay wall" to the Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper was going up! It appears that they no longer like being the most visited news site in Canada!

Another brand pissed away by Bell...

Now, anyone that knows about such things, can readily tell you that the Globe and Mail is still 85% owned by the Thompson family and 15% owned by Bell. Why these people are so rich that they could bar all advertising on the web site and the hard copy newspaper and give it away as a free daily and still make a ton of money from it! Influence is all rather priceless isn't it? Yes indeed.

Enough is enough. The Oracle of Ottawa is damned if he is going to pay to read the news on the internet! A substitute for the daily spot that the Globe and Mail held in my daily rotation was very easy to fill.Yes, dear reader,  the Oracle of Ottawa has substituted in the main news page of Canada's "state broadcaster" the good old CBC! There will never be a pay wall at the good old "state broadcaster" and I must say, they have certainly been trying harder with the use of my tax dollars and their site is a whole lot better in every respect than the tired Globe and Mail. And, of course,  the pleasure of fucking Bell one more time is rather, well, priceless! And the Thompson family should remember the good advice of old Roy or Lord Thompson of Fleet; you must be really really careful who you hang out with....

It is the Oracle of Ottawa's fondest wish and hope that all my fellow Canadians do the same! And while we are at it, let us help the good old CBC make up the recent 'Harper Government' budget cuts by making sure that upon each and every free visit to the CBC news site that you click on all the ads! At least once! And unlike the ads at the Globe and Mail they will not load malware and spybots into your computer,(it was all so bad, that adblock plus had be permanently deployed...) and your browser will not crash! Happy surfing!

Can you say bye-bye?

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