Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stock Market Chaos - Why It Is Really Happening...

Although circulation of money can occur therefore without crises, crises cannot occur without circulation of money.
Karl Marx, A Contribution To The Critique Of Political Economy, (1859), p. 96

Pretty wild on the stock markets of the world last week wasn't it? Didn't you just love all the mightiest "talking heads" scratching and fishing for the cause, the over-all explanation? By the end of the week here in Canada it was down to Japanese intervention in the currency markets,(?) in the vain hope to prop up or prop down the yen against the dollar that caused the all the stock markets around the world to wobble! Have you ever heard such desperate bullshit in all your life..(so far)? The Oracle of Ottawa was very well entertained indeed!

The turtles not only win the race, they make it possible!

The Oracle of Ottawa feels compelled to offer the real explanation, since he has actually owned and continues to own some stocks in his own name. The real reason the stock markets are wobbling and will continue to wobble like this well into the future is that the proles all over the world are finally getting wise to the right wing Bilderberg Group agenda and are quickly approaching the point of a total rejection of the social and monetary systems as now presently configured. Or if you are an ordinary person somewhere in the formerly civilized world you are all pretty well collectively at the point of discovering that you are mad as hell and you are not going to take this shit any longer! Human Resource scum, take note and cautious heed.

It has been going on for years now. The gradual attack on the organized worker and his entitlements, as heartily earned by his fathers and mothers before him, has been escalating in the last years with incredible success, the key to it all is to play the suckers virtue against him/her gradually! But with the demographic structure of society such as it is at present, we the Baby Boomers are still driving this society. And we have discovered the game plan. The Oracle of Ottawa has discovered the way to really fuck it all up quickly and large!
This smart and senior turtle just resigned....

It would not take much at the best of times to really screw up a society. But in these troubled times it would take much, much less. The irony of it all is somewhat laughable. Lets take an easy example. Here in Ottawa there is and has been a constant Tory threat to gut the Civil Service. It is all due to the mistaken and insane Tory belief that you can nickel and dime your way to greatness.Well why don't you consider helping the great man Tony "Chain Saw" Clement out?

If you are past your retirement date already or are very close to it and just can't stand it anymore, why not flip the boss a resignation e-mail? If you have a ton of accumulated leave, follow the e-mail with a leave form that covers the period required for "notice"! This varies from department to department, I am sure you know the magic number.. Enjoy the good years you have left. And who knows how many that is? If the kids are long gone and the mortgage is paid off, bail now! It is only going to get worse from here on in. You don't want to be caught like a British Civil Servant do you? Pay more, work longer, and retire with less at the age of 68!??
You can bet on it. This is the next big "cost cutter"; the extended retirement age! Avoid this by bailing now! They don't call me the Oracle of Ottawa for nothing...

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