Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letter From The Dog Days Of Summer

The accumulation of capital and misery go hand in hand, concentrated in space.
David Harvey, The Limits To Capital, p. 418

The hits have gone to nearly zero, the political landscape is all but decimated, the barbarians have arrived. The neo-liberal, Bilderberg Group social deconstruction will begin anew again, in a couple of weeks. Old style capitalism works, it is efficient, the tenants assemble out on Donald Street, the tony little Scum Lord addresses the local vulgar media. It is only the second time in less than a few years that the whole electrical system was blown out of residential building in Ottawa. No recourse, the proles suffer what they must. The cheques, hidden by a numbered company and many shell corporations will find their way to a beach somewhere in the middle-east. To a country that hasn't long to go. To peoples on the beach like marooned whales who have even a shorter future.

Beating back the barbarians...
 No charges will be pressed by the City. Another unfortunate act of God. We must welcome business, any kind of business. Capitalism, it works, it is efficient. But as the wise know, there will come along a disaster, that all the corruption in the world will not be able to cover over. Yes, one fine day and sooner than you think, one of these Scum Lord towers will collapse. It happens in places like New York City and Pakistan and India all the time. Globalization rent large.

Amalgamation was a brilliant Tory idea. It makes everything so easy to corrupt. It makes the patronage totally controllable. And most importantly, it removes that most annoying feature of an equitable socially just society, countervailing power. Rock on in the remnants of the once free world...

Wait for it ... happens all the time!!

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