Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't Feed The Corporations!

When I think of all the good things still to be written I am glad, for there is no end to them, and I know I myself shall write some of them.
William Saroyan, The Bicycle Rider In Beverly Hills, p, 9

If it hasn't dawned on you yet, the Oracle of Ottawa leans pretty far to the Left. So you might be wondering why I have the Adsense set up. Well truth be told, it all has to do with irony and it is part of the graphic design of the little blog offering. For example you can write about right wing nutters and like magic you will have an American Heritage banner ad! Loads of laughs..

You want a piece of me dick head??

If writing only happened to get Adsense chump change all the Adsense servers would spin down to zero in a nano-second! There is absolutely nothing in it! But if you insist, a little tip. If you want the big click money just don't forget to mention one little word; insurance...You can just sort of work it in on each post.. Too Easy! Of course corporations are not psychopathic entities at all. That is why when you write a tribute piece on someone who passes away from cancer there will appear a great selection of ads to sell health insurance, even if you live in Canada! It does give a great shade of irony to the page...

Opps! Time for some happy....

It amazes the Oracle of Ottawa all the little whores that will gladly jump your wagon of boundless talent in the hope that  some of your brilliance will be fungible to their little shit ball entities! There is no such thing as pride in the corporate whore world. The Oracle of Ottawa often wonders why you rube proles put up with the abuse you smile through every day of your over marketed, wasted lives! It would all stop if you simply stopped  giving your money and your life blood service to the shit companies you dread the utter sight of!

But you are so far gone and your balls have retreated so far back up into your thorax that you could join a ladies only golf club! Ya, go ahead and Twitter me you fucking twit! Or better yet de-friend me on Facebook  you fucking moron! Is that your smartphone vibrating or is it the Grim Reaper trying to tell (sell?) you something? And for crying out loud, don't click on any thing, it only encourages them...

Wise up rubes!

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