Monday, August 15, 2011

David Cameron Circles The Bowl

The bossiest of men commands in the name of another - his father- and transmits the abstract acts of violence which he puts up with.
Jean-Paul Sarte, The Words, p. 21

If David "Grendel" Cameron was wondering what all those poor young men were angry about I am sure he has recently discovered the answer. If he was wondering if he could possibly get away with cutting back on the backs of the poorest he really got his answer! Right from day one this actor has really troubled the Oracle of Ottawa. A spoiled rotten brat with mega maniacal goals, which it seems that the whole world is going to have to pick up the tab for... Trouble large! Gordon Brown must surely look pretty good about now.

GCHQ can't listen in on Blackberry? lol...

The Oracle of Ottawa believes that when you cut social spending that affects the poor and/or the less affluent, it is the same as stealing wages from a workman or workwoman. Which in my old Catholic prayer book is a sin that screams to heaven for revenge. Who says God isn't listening? But what really pukes the Oracle of Ottawa is the gutless lying and spinning when the little Daver got his micro-dick stuck in the sharpener! There were a whole bunch of lies told here, and I feel pressed to expose a few of them, from my vantage point in the Colonies...

The real reason that the police response was not up to scratch was that the supervisors did not want to blow there manpower spreadsheets and therefore start lay-offs early and all the other cut back crap that even the London Police were facing. And the real hooter of the lie that the Oracle of Ottawa resents the most has to do with Research In Motion a great Canadian company and the effect of their product, the Blackberry, on the effect and the outcome the recent "rising". According to Little Dave the Blackberry messenger service cannot be read and therefore all the poor skid-marks had the total jump on the security of a first world nation state!

Heads will roll....

Does David Cameron mean to tell you and me that Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) cannot and is not constantly reading and monitoring Blackberry messenger? And every other damn form of communication in real time in the whole United Kingdom? Do you believe that? I sure as hell don't! Does this little shit mean to tell me that the same organization that beat the German Enigma code, which in the theory of the time was considered all but nearly unbeatable, has not kept up with the times and there fore can not read Blackberry messenger?

Do you use Blackberry messenger thinking that you are invincible? Your greener than grass! This fall should be really interesting. The Murdoch affair has many mines in the field that have not yet gone off. The roiling masses of the "lower class" are mightily pissed, the utter arrogance of little Lord Dave is going to transform itself into a modern day Grendel!

Tory's; that's what they do!

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