Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Margaret Atwood For Mayor? - Sign Me Up!

From the mode of goodness, real knowledge develops; from the mode of passion, greed develops; and from the mode of ignorance develop foolishness, madness and illusion.
Bhagavad Gita As It Is, 14.17, Text 17, p. 580

It has become painfully aware to the Oracle of Ottawa that in Canada at all levels of government we are suffering a severe shortage of Wise Men. Hopefully this is cyclical, but one has to start worrying after a period now exceeding ten years! It soon appears obvious that we must turn to one of Canada's least tapped resources, aside from the all the presently unrealized potential of its citizens in general,and that is the great pool in Canada of its Wise Women!

Her Worship Margaret Atwood?

Being mayor of Toronto would be great for Margaret Atwood. Being a belle of global letters is all fine and good, but the poor woman has won everything at least once already. What else is left to win? The Nobel Prize for Literature? All the Oracle of Ottawa can say is; Wait for it!  Being of Welsh heritage and only 71 years old, she is still, nearly, a mere teenager! And Canada is due, and who else alive right now is worthy? Yeah, that was an easy one...

What? Me worry?

Having Margaret Atwood as mayor of Toronto would really lift the cities profile all over the world. It would send a tremendous message that Canada has not degenerated into a  right wing shit hole after all! Imagine the council meetings as Maggy corrected the grammar of the thick but driven Councilor Ford! It would be a local cable channel ratings avalanche! Why the Oracle of Ottawa has even heard rumblings of a rumor that the longest serving mayor in Canadian history, Hurricane Hazel is secretly on board...

But the Great Woman needs another project that will fill in her time as she waits for the certain to come opportunity. It was the great American writer Hunters S. Thompson that had the great gift of sensing what the public wanted next. And we all know that he delivered large and left no one disappointed. Using the same algorithm the Oracle of Ottawa has come to the conclusion that Maggy should try her hand at her first "graphic novel", called The Brothers Ford... 

If Margaret Atwood was mayor of Toronto she would not be afraid to march at the head of the Gay Pride parade..... (God! She was so totally hot back then wasn't she?)

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