Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Canadian Burger Lobby

Corporations now govern society, perhaps more than governments themselves do; yet ironically, it is their very power, much of which they have gained through economic globalization, that makes them vulnerable. 
Joel Bakan, The Corporation, p. 25

The Oracle of Ottawas Thinking About Thinking Project continues. And upon another period of very dangerous reflection I fear that I have made yet another very important breakthrough! I am again totally shocked at the yield of this little thought experiment project and am very nearly at the point of having to vigorously disagree with the great man, Stephen Hawking, over his announcement of the death of philosophy.

Your interests as a Citizen are superseded
by more "urgent" interests...

The subject of the latest breakthrough concerns the utter stall out of social progress in Canada. Pondering my childhood in the 1960's and the veritable wave of social reforms that seemed to happen all at once and that have proved their worth by still existing, I can't for the life of me understand why it is that we can't get to at least the same level as Norway and the host of European nations that enjoy wonderful social programs that allow each and every citizen to realize his/her maximum potential. Where did it all go wrong?

Spend less..Live better??

I figured by now we would all have a guaranteed income at a healthy rate above the Statistics Canada poverty line.That government run Day Care would be a breeze and of course free education to the doctorate level would have been old hat by now, among other important programs. But alas, we seem in reality that we are regressing to the time of the "factory day" as per the lifetime of Karl Marx! It is all very depressing, and one wonders how this has all come about. It certainly isn't because Canada is a poor country and can't afford it! Then it all dawned on me....

Want fries with your wasted life??

It is all because of the Canadian Conservative Party and the federally registered lobbyists! For example, the reason we don't have coast to coast free daycare is that all children would get, among other things, proper toilet training. Why just ponder the effects! In about two decades we would essentially eliminate all citizens of the anally retentive kind. The effect of this would be very dire indeed! Who would be left to vote Conservative?

Sorry, some things are more important than social programs!

And the reason, I fear, that we do not have free education to the doctorate level is simply that there would be no one left, willing or otherwise, to work in the lowlife jobs! Such as flipping burgers or stocking shelves at the local Mega-Low Mart for minimum wage. Quite simply your interests are not as important to those in power as the interests that the whore federally registered lobbyists represent! What? You don't feel loved? Back to work you lowlife prole!!

Since there is a God...Why do you have to lobby for Him and/or Her?

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