Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Do Canadians Have To Subsidize The Bildeberg Group?

The greatest way to defend democracy is to make it work.
Tommy Douglas, Address, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, Saskatoon, March 13, 1951

The Oracle of Ottawa just can't let it go. I am still sorely pissed at the demise of the per-vote-subsidy, at the reading the last budget earlier this week. A small shinning cottage on the hill, brightly lit from within and without, snuffed for the only reason that it could be snuffed. Now we reel into the future of " darkness visible" , with ominous talk of new treason legislation...which the Oracle of Ottawa fears will contain much new and draconian legislation that will undermine and outright attack the freedom of expression , the freedom of the press, especially the peoples outlets of all the tools of the new media. The Canadian Constitution I fear will be gutted.

St. Moritz, Switzerland, June 9-12, 2011, Bilderberg Group

I wonder if the Prime Minister, Steve Harper will be in the House this Thursday and Friday... I wonder if Minister John Baird will be in the house this Thursday and Friday....I wonder if our central bank chairman, Mr. Carney will be in Ottawa this Thursday and Friday.... I wonder what the weather will be like in St. Moritz, Switzerland this weekend.... You see dear readers, from June 9 - 12 is the annual Bilderberg Group meeting. That is, tomorrow through to Sunday. Wouldn't it be nice if Jack Layton stood up in the House at the very next available opportunity and grilled which ever skid-mark is left in charge; where is the Prime Minister? Where are the missing cabinet members? Don't you think that would stir up a stink, and a whack of media face time?

The Oracle of Ottawa finds it highly amusing that we longer have a mere 27 million dollars for the per-vote-subsidy, yet we have money for a fleet of Challenger business jets to convey our publicly elected officials to a secret clandestine meeting,  the goings on of which will never be reported. We have money and much more than 27 million dollars for Bank of Canada intelligence and research that you and I dear taxpayer have paid for that will be smugly shared with foreigners, in secret, who will trade from that information, for personal profit to themselves. We get to deal with the unintended negative consequences of this vile and usury's TREASON! Living in an increasingly economically volatile world of ever quickening skidmarkization , the ever separating gulf of the rich and poor, the ever accelerating race to the bottom of the pit. Sold out by our "elites" with our money...  

But get a grip, that couldn't be possible right? That is all a conspiracy theory right? Our leaders wouldn't sell us out like that would they? Would they?

Deal with it people, it is not 1984, it is much worse....

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  1. The Great Men have totally psyched out the Oracle of Ottawa and ditched the annual Bilderberg pilgrimage for an even more secret meeting...The Annual Conservative Convention held this year at the Ottawa Convention Center...Right in plain sight!!