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2011 Vancouver Riot, Why It Really Happened

The premise of neo-conservatives is that markets left to their own devices will produce the best possible result, and that political interference is not required. This defies the human reality that people are not commodities, and simply refuse to behave as if they were. 
Bob Rae, The Three Questions,  p. 39-40

Rex Murphy really disappointed the Oracle of Ottawa last week by giving the rant and comment expected of him on the CBC National News regarding the Vancouver Riot! But upon a moments reflection I couldn't hold it against him. After all Rex is no doubt approaching his retirement date and has no desire to endanger that "defined benefit" pension plan that all old union card carrying CBC employees have! What would you do?

The comment that really floored the Oracle of Ottawa, was the several and assorted female talking head thingy's that were asking in shock and dread what all those young men were so angry about? This includes the dim and brainless Krista Erickson...Let the Oracle of Ottawa explain it to you!

We ain't seen nothing yet...

What is in it to be a young man today? Diddly squat! The Oracle of Ottawa thinks of all the times he ran amok in the 1970's in the true Hunter S. Thompson mode and style! Damn I lived! My old Dad has us into working at Gillies Bros. lumber mill, as soon as we could get a Social Insurance Number! I remember well my first night of a mans work as I laid stickers on the stacker with my Grandfather as the lead hand and my Dad as the shift foreman! No fucking minimum wage here thank you very much! I was in grade 10 at Arnprior District High School and that year I only earned about $6,500! The old man charged us rent to live at home! We worked usually four nights a week 5:00pm - 1:00am and went to school the next day! And yes I graduated! 

I had a Honda 350G motorcycle and yes the "G" could do over 100m.p.h. easy! For the inclement weather and the winter I drove a small 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale with a little 455 cubic inch (9.5litres! What?) two barrel Rocket! Four door in brown, full wheel covers, freaking posh! The goddamn thing could do 125 m.p.h. easy with the pedal still not to the floor! We never missed a rock concert in Ottawa! I saw Rush just after they recorded "Working Man"! Could you imagine Getty Lee humping his own gear on and off the stage? Well the Oracle of Ottawa remembers it clear as bell! I still lovingly cherish the memory of Manfred Manns Whole Earth Band doing "Father of Night" at the Ottawa Civic Center. You poor youngsters will never know what rock was and will never be again!

New Canadian Street Art, No Government Funding Required

Now a young man buys a car and has to let his old lady drive him around because he can't afford to get auto insurance! Sign me up for that shit! When the Oracle of Ottawa started working the only pension plan there was, was "defined benefit", there was no question about it! I mean how hard is it for a mutli- Gizzilion dollar corporation to run a "sinking fund" ? How hard can that be? At that time, it was only a small fraction of the workforce that earned minimum wage. Now it is totally the other way around! What kind of fucking nightmare am I growing old in!?

I remember well a picnic party at my Grand Dads in Pembroke Ontario, when I was just a the 1960's!
His brothers were down from Sudbury Ontario. I remember my Grand Dad telling me that his brother was big in the Teamsters! Uh, yeah... the Jimmy Hoffa Teamsters! Jimmy Hoffa had a "mission slogan" back then and it went like this; Every Man A Cadillac! Compare that to that lame and dickless slogan by Bill Gates: A computer on every desk... I mean no contest... Well my Grand Dads brother showed up, in a brand new 1966 Caddy... Two door I believe, but what I really remember was the color...That shade of egg shell metallic BLUE... with the water beaded on it,  it was the first new Cadillac I had ever seen... There was a lot of upside to be a young man in those days!

This is how we get it in the future...

Now today a young man has a solid good gig being the Mother of his children while his old lady that should be at home earns the money. And being with-out union protection most of the time she will have to gobble some geeks cock or some strange ethnic bitch's joint why you stay home with your kids...They are your kids aren't they? God! Isn't the future fuckin' grand?

This creeping attack on us men has being going on for decades now... Nothing short of a full revolution will stop it. Did you notice the Police Chief of Vancouver? In 1994, he was a sargeant on the street! How the hell did that dweeb, that really looks like Dr. Ho's older brother, become police chief of Vancouver??...Now I know that being an on your knees member of the Canada - China Friendship Society can have its upside (see earlier posts...) but I have to agree with the head of CSIS that it is all getting a little out of hand! Nth generation Canadians should not have to develop a thing for Chinese Opera to get on in our own goddamn country....

Now just a statement of fact that I noticed in the video of the riot... There were hardly, or rather no "ethnics"
in the riot, look closely... It seemed to the Oracle of Ottawas old and tired eyes that all the ethnics that night were working as cops and firefighters!!!! Now, you can call me what ya like...But I already am retired, and I got all my money out, and I owe nothing to no one, and for good measure an Old Lady that has a federal civil service pension... I am no doubt the second last guy that can afford to tell the goddamn truth.... 

Just Love this Russian News service... They get right to the quick... No agenda, no talking points, there it is....
Next time, maybe they will light up the towers?

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