Thursday, June 2, 2011

Does Soccer Propagate Corruption?

The core of the concept of a bribe is an inducement improperly influencing the performance of a public function meant to be gratuitously exercised. 
John T. Noonan, Jr. , Bribes, Introduction, p.xi

The Oracle of Ottawa does not get soccer. Never did. The game is slow, tedious and just boring as hell. Watching water freeze on an outdoor ice rink at forty below is even more fun and a hell of a lot faster! And if memory serves me correctly, compared to street hockey and floor hockey, soccer is the most boring game on Earth to actually play. The main reason soccer has never caught on in North America is that the peoples of the New World hate events and processes that do not end in final decisions. Or to put it even more simply and bluntly, we do not waste our time to see an outcome end as a tie! When you have ties, you have a much greater chance and opportunity for manipulation and corruption of the process, or the game.(Just ask anyone from Pakistan! Go ahead ask them....)

Soccer needs cheerleaders!
When you are introduced to the game, you are told how soccer builds team play, spirit, comradery and all that bunk. But when you really look at it closely, you soon find that a really good player is as rare as hell. The Marxian thing of Surplus Value enters in... (Where the hell is this going?... No idea...) You soon realize that as a player you are not really getting the reward for the effort that you are required to expend. You soon realize that you are not getting nor will you ever get the reward for this effort. Especially if you are one of the rare and talented players. You soon realize that soccer is a macrocosm of Darwinian capitalism!

This and only Football!
Complete with all the deepest inset rot that comes with all the ongoing process of Darwinian capitalism. To get an excellent view of the sport on the ground you just have to look at the condition of its ruling body. Like Hunter S. Thompson once said; " kill the body and the head will die....". Here in Canada and in the United States we do not have the European Union lifestyle, but at least we have real criminals! Criminals you can be proud of! Like Al Capone, the Stopwatch Gang, the Boyd Gang, and last but never the least  The Five Families of New York! This is only a very small selection! We as citizens are very adverse to letting greasy Dweebs get away with the benefits of the of the top of the pyramid criminal lifestyle, without them ever making their bones or getting their hands dirty! You people in the European Union and the Third World should be more vigilant against this also!

Crisis? What Crisis! A Septic Bladder is a very inconvenient ailment indeed!
Better off to teach your kid to play Badminton and Chess! You meet a much posher crowd of people!!

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