Sunday, June 12, 2011

Phishing With Preston

But if the labourers could live on air they could not be bought at any price. 
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Vol. I, Ch. 24, Section 4, pg.657

If you had only read your Karl Marx and all the other classical economists growing up in Alberta you would have saved your life a lot of wear and tear! Especially Adam Smith (the first "Marxist") and Thomas Malthus... If you stock Thomas Malthus in the library of the Manning Center for Mosiac Law, oh sorry, The Manning Center for Democracy, read his first work, and then read his last work. You might find that really interesting.

There were two weird conferences in the world this week-end. One was in St. Moritz, Switzerland, for the Bilderberg Group and the other was in Ottawa, Ontario for the Conservative Party of Canada! I still can't decide which one was the most crazy. I was quite surprised when I saw your Manning Barometer presentation actually broadcast on CPAC! I was transfixed like a deer in the headlights! Especially by that youngster that did the introduction from your Center. The MFCB, or the Most Favored Choir Boy! He looked like the young Steve Harper! Geez Preston, tell us you guys aren't doing a clandestine Harper cloning program! And that Turcote guy appears to have some deep issues hidden, but the tells where just frightening to watch....

I can't believe that people paid their own way to show up at this Barf up, with their own money! I live in Ottawa and you would have had to pay me to even think about it! And no, I still wouldn't have shown up! They are all acting like they are really going to drive for the next four years? Oh please, your killing me! Three indictments, and two car crash's and the NDP will have the helm, we live in hope! You only have a eleven seat majority Preston, that is not nearly enough to start swinging your weight around. If the middle class and the civil service "turtles" you guys are sooo screwed! 

I can't seem to find this out any where in Ottawa Preston, but what is going to replace the long gun registry? Any word on that or are you under the gag order like the elected MP's??

Something for the poor back benchers.....

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