Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sun News TV - Senator Runciman - The Supreme Court

I affect not reserves, which I do not feel. 
The Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton, No. 1

Poor Mark Bonokoski, a seasoned scribe of many scrolls, a pulsing Pole with now leaking pontoons, a once heretical hack in search of his hatchet... How low does a man have to go to keep a crummy job in this country? It all seems a dream now, I still can't believe all that I thought I heard, on the Ezra Levant space of the Wednesday last. It was the section containing the utter and absolutely mad ravings of  Senator Bob Runciman. As he waxed wise and sober of his opinions of what a Supreme Court of Justice should be. All I could think of is the best way to reform the Canadian Senate is to start putting better people into it.

Truth - Hangs in the balance...

There is nothing that chokes the Oracle of Ottawas chicken worse then when a low life moron attacks great Canadian Institutions. Especially a low life moron, that has some how managed to infest a great Canadian Institution! That is really galling. The Canadian People's patience has been sorely tested by Sun News TV. I admit that watching Sun News TV (so that you don't have to) has raised my resistance to disgust to unimagined levels. I was coping really well until, the great senator started on about something to the effect that Supreme Court Justices in Canada shouldn't be required to have perfect working fluency  in both of Canada's official languages. Did I hear this right?

What kind of person would the Oracle of Ottawa appoint to the highest court in the land? Well dear reader, as you know from earlier posts to this blog, the Oracle loves the posh, best and the brightest. As a result I do not have any Conservative friends at all! The Supreme Court of Canada enjoys a world famous reputation. The calibre of the justices are also world renowned. Candidates for the Supreme court do not grow on stupid trees in Winnipeg!        
The darkness of the Tory Bund descends...

The Oracle of Ottawa knows that the profession of the Law is all about language! So my candidate would for certain be able to speak both French and English. But the Law has been practiced by humans for thousands of years. The Oracle of Ottawa likes depth in his candidates! So, therefore, the Oracle of Ottawa language requirement for Supreme Court Justice is: (1) Hebrew (2) Greek (3) Latin (4) French (5) Middle English (6) English. For a minimum $300,000 per year gig, I do not think the above language requirement unduly rigorous. Even more is required. A deep grounding in Philosophy, Logic, Rhetoric, and the Classics would do a lot for that warm furry feeling of the safety and security of my Canada as I lay me down to rest...

Even now The Oracle of Ottawa hears the protests of the Conservative philistines. There has never been any body in history that even comes close to this outlandish demand! And what difference would it make if you could find someone like this? All the Oracle of Ottawa can do is answer: Bora Laskin

The only footage I could find of Senator Runciman NOT in over his head! Contains a cameo appearance of Tim -Chain Gang - Hudak... Also note the symbolism at the very end of the footage....Hmmmm....

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