Saturday, June 25, 2011

CPAC: "I just couldn't stop watching.."!

Universal labour is all scientific labour, all discovery and all invention.
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Volume III,  Chapter V, p. 104

It is not often that the Oracle of Ottawa finds his local beer store empty on a Friday afternoon, at 4:00pm! I think that only happened twice before. The Great Ice Storm of 1998 and the Summit Hockey Series in 1972! But no one was watching the great debate on CPAC! Well that is what everybody said... But I would die to find out what CPAC's ratings were for the last couple of days! It was the greatest filibuster in Canadian history! Fifty eight hours straight on. The last minute wilder than the first minute! This great debate was also a landmark in Canadian history. For the first time in history anywhere in the world all the people watching the debate either on television or streaming feed on the inter-net could contact their favorite or un-favorite member in the House of Commons in real time! There were constant E-mails and Twitters of encouragement to all members in real time. The Oracle of Ottawa couldn't help remembering that night back in 1969 sitting in front of a black and white TV in Pembroke, Ontario a twelve year old kid watching in awe as a man walked on the moon for the first time! This great debate to me was as important and as historic!

The Conservatives got their fat lard arsed butts kicked and good! I am sure that the Labour Minister Lisa Raitt was warned by her civil servants that the original bill as written would start a firestorm. But, alas, to benefit from your Civil Servants, you must listen to them! Playing in the "big's" in Ottawa is a lot different than politics in the smoke of a Legion Branch somewhere in Cape Breton! The Oracle of Ottawa expects that she will be shuffled out of cabinet at the first opportunity...with the set up to be left under the bus, Conservative style!     
Lisa Raitt, Shaky, Scorched and Incompetent

Little Lisa thought that the NDP were a bunch of pink pussy's that would fold in an hour! Besides every one wants to go home right? The Conservatives all wanted to get their lard arses home. But the NDP caucus was full of labour lawyers, union bosses, social activists and other assorted "misfits" that have been dreaming of breaking the House of Commons debate record all their lives! I swear dear reader that each one of them, prayed to his/her God every night for years, nay decades, that they would be the one like Jimmy Stewart, in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, that would pass out while having the floor! It was a grand event that the Oracle of Ottawa had the honor to witness!

All of the rural and ignorant hicks of the  Conservative Party have just been through the most intense three day seminar of Labour Law and History in modern times! Why by the end of it on Saturday evening Lisa Raitt was more withered and scorched then Elizabeth May! Who by the way, got in some mighty fine jabs and deadly one-liners! The people in Saanich - Gulf Islands have great reason to be proud of their member! A party of one who took it all the way! You Go Girl!!

Elizabeth May, A Moving and Noble Performance..

The most memorable performance, that will stay with the Oracle of Ottawa for ever was that of Yvon Godin!
This is the passion and commitment that the Oracle of Ottawa dreams of in his member of parliament! He flamed the Minister of Labour! He owned her! He schooled her, like she has never been schooled before! It was the finest most impassioned political oratory that the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed! It was moving and correct! Mr. Godin is the veteran of 37 negotiated contracts! Damn! Fifty eight hours in the House of Commons is a piss in the park! Isn't anyone in the PMO's office doing their homework??

All in all it was a fine performance by the whole NDP caucus. They had the Tory's enraged, reeling and rocking backwards on their heels! Contrary to the Liberals, it is not hard to see where the real juice is!

Yvon "Jimmy" Godin, what the Oracle of Ottawa dreams of! The Tory's cringe in fear!

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