Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jack Layton LIKES Girls!!

The world goes on as before, and it turns out that nobody else seems to notice the unbearable lightness of being. 
Lewis H. Lapham, Money and Class in America,  p. 181

I first heard the amazing news on the CBC radio 9:00 am news this morning! My man Vladamir Jack was told by an unnamed police officer that the unnamed physio massage place he was at, for physiotherapy, might be a naughty place, sometime back in the 1990's! Well who could argue with that? When I repeated the words again in my head the more stupid and desperate it sounded. Ah! The Tory Stasi strikes again.... What a crock of shit. The real story is that the Tory war room night shift just got the latest numbers and the Depends all filled with a great rush of nervous excrement... old Jack will quite probably be Prime Minister of Canada come Tuesday morning... how to break it to the boss... double the "cold" medicine we are almost home lads.... What ever you do make sure his face stays frozen!

Later in the morning while watching briefly  the frenzy that the Sun News TV lads were in, it was all I could do to keep from laughing, again. God those poor people are so funny. The Oracle of Ottawa proceeded on his normal and much coveted Saturday Routine. Which as per every Saturday, was greatly enjoyed. Later after dinner, several "unnamed" sources of the Oracle of Ottawa contacted the fortified bunker with some very interesting intelligence indeed!  It seems that it is common knowledge at all the Dog walks and open run areas, through out Rockcliffe Park that there is one leader of an "unnamed" national party whose wife is / has split for shelter unknown.... and has only agreed to play "armrest" with that crazy insane bastard for a very large stipend from the coffers of one unnamed national party desperately in search of a majority....The Oracle of Ottawa is wondering with all his mental might at who could this mystery party be?

Geez and I thought Sun News TV was on my side! I simply can't understand how they missed this story? I mean the party of family and Jesus values, the last hope of the right and all that is fascist and pulsing like a morning piss hard on... Vote! Anybody But Conservative!!

Do her once for me Jack!.....

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