Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun News TV - Welcome Comedy

" That dog? That dog's a boy. "
" It's a bitch, " said Tom decisively. "Here's your money,
Go and buy ten more dogs with it. "
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, (The Authorized Text), p. 32

Well it certainly is nice to see that some of the Sun Girls finally got day jobs at long last. Maybe that handsome meal ticket will be just along yet. More likely it will be the crude gropes of some ugly creep whose first or last name ends in "eza". The Oracle of Ottawa was quite shocked to see that Pat Bolland has agreed to sign on for passage to this doomed, slowly sinking ship. I find it very hard to believe that negotiations found the price point of this mans mortal soul. God's speed you poor fool!

Poor Jackie Delaney has also mortgaged her soul. But you can see in her body language, as she ponders, how low does a person have to go to make it in the Canadian media business? Poor thing, once I was sure she had a future.... And still she is not even making enough to own her own car. Celebrity with starvation.....

Of course it's true, I saw it on Sun News TV!

But I do love that weather girl! Damn! Today and tomorrow's weather is etched into my brain. It is going to be raining... raining nipples! Big, pointy, pink, puffy, poutty, nipples Yes Sir! But enough of that....Thanks for the mammaries! 

Sun News TV was on the air for only a few hours when all over Canada, at the party dress rack at the local Wal-Mart's there was a stampede of skidmark skanks all wanting to be hot like the Sun News girls! A Ukranine with a 44EEE chest in a thin strap cocktail dress is a sight that will stay with you forever....

It was a gallery of laughs as all the local Sun Media "celebrities" were no doubt forced to appear. The funniest cameo was that of Anthony Fury, who was so grateful that he broke out in a cunnilingus rash from nose to chin as he gushed his gratitude.... A laugh a minute.

Today's weather...

Then of course there's the guaranteed draw (of lawsuits and CRTC complaints) of the awesome Ezra Levant!
Now this should be sweet to watch unfold, like a train wreck, in slow motion... Mr. Levant has the same optometrist as " Bubbles " of the Trailor Park Boys. But the real gross out starts when he gets himself all worked up. Notice the camera is always far away in his shots? That's because when the lard and garlic of last nights perroggies start seeping out his skin, it is a room clearing event. Not to mention the grey-white snot balls that form at the corners of his mouth...eech....  Oy Vey!  The camera crews are unionized, so they can't risk a wild cat walk out. There is still some labour justice.

Then there is the Pat Bolland, Alex Pierson purity tell. Did you notice that? I did... The more "ethnic" the guest, the farther away he sits from the blessed whiteness of the pretty hosts! And how Alex gets closer to Mr. Bolland. I just couldn't believe it.

Canadian medias " Valley of Ashes " has a new grate.

Product differentiation is very important and should be done carefully BEFORE you start a new venture.....

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