Sunday, April 17, 2011

Canada Election 2011- Three Strategic Votes

Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, p. 22

What are we seeking when we cast are vote in a federal election? I suppose that each of us have our own reasons. Some, only, perhaps the heart can tell. But I will tell you what I look for when I vote. And I haven't missed a federal election since the mid 1970's. I damn well want the biggest bang for my buck and my vote. I want to be represented by the best possible person. And I damn well expect to see my riding prosper from my vote. How hard is that?

Sometimes though, it pays to put the partisan crap away for a session or more. Especially if you are voting in a small economic riding that has been sliding away before your eyes for years. Why even in a situation were your riding has "been in power" and is still sliding away before your eyes, you have to start thinking out of the box. No?
I have been pondering three special situations that would benefit the underlying riding by making a "strategic" vote. A smart strategic vote can give your riding real leverage. You could end up with the result of being represented by the equivalent of five back benchers and a cabinet minister. In a thin minority government, a free independent member representing you,  could bring benefits to your riding for more than a lifetime.....

Simcoe - Gray; Helana Guergis

This riding has about 117,000 residents and covers a huge area of about 2500 sq. km.! Now with your one vote how could you keep the words "Simcoe-Gray " in the news for the next couple of years? A vote for one Helana Guergis would do that. The crap that this woman went through is just the tip of the ice berg. This is standard Tory Bund practice. It is called TMD. That stands for Total Mental Destruction...and yes it is the same method that we use on non-militant combatants. And it is standard practice in the Tory Bund to keep all the minions in line. This is not an exception, it is just standard practice. Are you going to stop this for ever or what?

Saanich-Gulf Islands; Elizabeth May

With all respect, who even heard of Saanich - Gulf Islands? It sounds like a organic eatery menu item. I figure it must be a hell of a fine place and all. But if all you had to do was vote for Liz May to let the whole world hear the name Saanich - Gulf Islands repeated till the whole world was sick of hearing it, a vote for the Greens is a pretty economically effective investment. Not to mention the permanent place in ecological history. That would be really good for tourism wouldn't it?

Renfrew - Nippissing - Pembroke; Hec Clouthier

I saved this riding for the last because this is the birth riding of the Oracle of Ottawa.All my formative years were spent in this riding. Different towns at different times, but all in this riding. From birth to age nineteen. Then I got smart and decided to follow the money. You know a town is dying when you can visibly see it start to fold back into the ground from whence it came. Like when a building burns down, falls down and / or is knocked down leaving a hole on the street never to be replaced. This is sadly visible in Pembroke and in Arnprior Ontario. The only thing that Cheryl Gallant has done for the riding is to make the decline respectable. It is time to try something else. What have you got to lose?

First thing; Hec creeps me out. The creepy demeanor, the eunuch voice, the DSM-IV ego issues. Christ I'm breaking out in goose bumps! And that fucking hat shlick. Jesus on a log boom, he's no Mac Beatty... Just the guy you people need! And for all his "assets" Hec knows the game. You gotta give him that! Did he even finish high school? Perfect. I learned a wonderful Jewish saying in Ottawa. "It isn't the nickle that gets you the seat on the bus. It's the garlic." Jews are pretty smart. You guys up the valley should get smart like that too! You dumb rubes!! Send Hec to Ottawa for a few terms and I swear this creepy geek will bring the riding a CERN particle accelerator! I am telling ya! They will give this guy anything just to make him go away! Up the Valley Hec is a little weird... In Ottawa he is utterly repulsive! Make it work for you people!!! And I really mean that about the particle accelerator... Hec as slight as he is, thinks big. Turn him loose and enjoy the loot!

Creepy as hell to look at and worse to listen to, but the logic is impeccable! You have tried everything else.....

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