Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gilles Duceppe - Captain Canada?!

His eyes were wild, his hands were flapping crazily. "Did you hear that ?" he shouted.
I stared at him. Well...I thought, were fucked. He heard it, too...
Hunter S. Thompson, The Great Shark Hunt, Gonzo Papers Vol.I, p. 446

RE: English Leaders Debate

It is only an indication of the degree of the extreme weirdness of this campaign when the Oracle of Ottawa is mightily impressed by Gilles Duceppe. The vulgar media in all its formats refuse to give this outstanding man his due. Of all the leaders, it was Gilles that had the poshest suit, the best hair, and the acid wit that would rip the balls of of any Calgary stockyard bull. Jack Layton was dressed like a very competent Union rep. that got all his clothes at a Salvation Army. Which is not meant as an insult, but rather his high degree of prudence. Michael Ignatieff got all his clothes over the years at various small boutique shops just off the campus he happened to be at the time. Proof that quality lasts forever. And that leaves us with the sage and daring Steve Harper who was of course shod out at the local Wal-Mart....

Gilles Duceppe - A Great Canadian...

One of my favorite Duceppe attributes is his knowledge of the Conservative, Bilderberg Group, Right-wing, wack-ball agenda. I will bet that "Steve" fears him the most of the lot.. He just won't go away. Year in, year out, one parliament to the next, that damn frog bastard is freaking undead!  And better looking then ever. Better looking than a Separatist has a right to look. Such is the sour grapes of the Canadian political milieu.

The Oracle truly enjoyed every spar and square inch of raw flesh  that Gilles took out of Steve Harpers hide. Gilles had total control and understanding of the monster he faced. For example when he exposed the Tory methods from their own playbook. Such as the present method of campaigning not to scare the middle of the road vote in the hope of stealing a majority. But once with that majority how it would all un-fold. The private members bill for No abortion. The private members bill for Capital Punishment. The private members bill for Pay For View Hangings that would certainly pay off the deficit in quick order.

Stitch in some more stars, were coming....?

Gilles totally has the English gringo's number. Then it dawned on me like a past blast of that wonderful black waxy hash, or that wonderful Carleton University synthetic mescaline we all used to do back in the 1970's. Gilles Duceppe is saving Canada! The insane irony of it all! It brings tears to the eyes. Because of Gilles Duceppe there will be no Conservative majority. No one has ever scored a power majority with out the assent of the First Empire, and well and good that is! It truly proves the Canadian Parliamentary system works. And even in the case of the thinnest out of Quebec majority, it will be Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois that will put the nuts to the Tory Bund World Wide Domination Tour in quick order as their Ambassador in Paris informs the French Government and the European Union they got a couple more new members coming on board. Can't happen? Oh Ya?

Retirement comes to us all of course. And someday Gilles' road will come to a well deserved rest spot. That of course is when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should appoint him to the Canadian Senate! Just to keep the remaining Harper appointees shitting their Depends until they retire or die.

Greg Lake, Montreal Stadium , 08-26-1977, C'est bon Gilles? Merci Patron....

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