Saturday, August 31, 2013

Skipping Sochi...

Malice, not lying, is the greatest vice.
Iris Murdoch, Metaphysics As A Guide To Morals, p. 63

The Oracle of Ottawa has been to many faraway places, many times, in his long life, so far. The Oracle has always found that a foreign destination is most safely picked by passing a little rule of thumb test, and that is never go to a strange country as a tourist that does not treat all of it's people as you are treated in Canada. With the implementation of the Russian Federation anti gay laws, the Oracle has taken this as the straw that has broken the camels back, so to speak, as far as going to or watching the Sochi Winter Games.

Sochi - Perhaps another time and age, it will keep...

But much to my Dear Readers surprise this is not the only reason that the Oracle of Ottawa is giving Sochi a pass this coming winter. It may come as a surprise that the Oracle of Ottawa had already given the Sochi destination at any time a mental pass a long time ago. The main fear that the Oracle would have in going to Sochi this winter is the fact of all Russia's very pissed alongside neighbors, such as the close by recently stomped state of Chechnya. Can you think of a better time for these people to get even as the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics? The Oracle of Ottawa expects many repeated full out suicide attacks. Mountain people carry grudges forever.

Sarin - Weapon of Mass Destruction - Schedule.  #1
 And another reason that all peoples from democratic Western states should give the Sochi Winter Games the gate is the client state(s) of the present Russian Federation at the time of this writing. The Oracle of Ottawa is not by any means a chemist, but he does know that there are only a very limited number of states in the world today or at any time that has the technology to manufacture Sarin gas. And there is only one or two that can make the fancy custom made Sarin, such as was used recently in Syria. And as press reports from the old style vulgar media so clearly stated, the Sarin that the Syrians recently used was brand new fresh, and had no signs of being old time degraded Sarin from the Cold War days. 

Now if old Vladimir Putin would allow this to happen to the people of his most valued client states, how safe is your fat ragged Western ass going to be in Sochi this winter? With this wonderful positive thought in mind, it boogles the Oracle of Ottawa's imagination that the NHL would even contemplate risking all their star players in this tottering near failed gangster, police state! Where in heavens name did they find the insurance company to underwrite this insane risk?

The lads of the New World Order sure have a lot of brass, don't they? 

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