Saturday, August 17, 2013

'Harper Government' - A Verizon Of Choice

Perhaps the most obvious feature of the use of symbols to represent things, events, or processes is the economy of representation. 
Marx W. Wartofsky, Conceptual Foundations Of Scientific Thought, p.37

You know it is a terrible idea when the beached whales (i.e. James Moore) of the dying 'Harper Government' are dumping their latest right wing Bilderberg Group ordered directive in the deepest dog days of summer on hapless Canadians. Now the brainwave is that the way to get cheaper cellphone rates in Canada is to invite Verizon, the Wall-Mart of communication companies, into Canada and in turn destroy the whole industry. I guess the punks in short pants at the Prime Ministers Office thought this this would be a great idea.

'Harper Government' gets the call...

But the Oracle of Ottawa has to admit it is just music to his ears to hear the scum at Rogers, Bell and Telus  complain for a change! Recently when the Oracle of Ottawa called Rogers to bitch about the lack of Major League Baseball, he was told that he couldn't complain! Oh the Oracle got to complain all right, and it is a terrible thing to make a temporary foreign worker cry.

Of course if Verizon is allowed into Canada there will be thousands of lost Canadian jobs. As a matter of fact the Oracle of Ottawa is quite surprised that no one has figured out the real reason that wee Jimmy Moore is rolling out the Red and White carpet to Verizon. The Oracle of Ottawa has it on good authority that it is really about the creation of that new labour union that is going to called UNIFOR, which is going to take place on this coming Labour Day. The Oracle of Ottawa is really going to enjoy it when the NDP start pumping this rude fact out to the Canadian public during the fall sitting of the House.

 And it is all really just another sign of the failed ideology of the 'Harper Government'. By failing to do their job and stepping in to protect the Canadian consumer as it is the job of a real government to do, they are now in desperation, going to contract out their responsibilities to Verizon, with hopefully a cell phone price war just in time for the next Federal Election.

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